Le see release LetvUI 2.3 – Schnauzer smart TV operating system

Letv conference held today, officially released a new version of smart TV LetvUI 2.3 operating system – Schnauzer. Have been added to the system upgrade and Letv shuffling channel, star TV, suitable Yu Dabing music to film, television, QQ, handheld housekeeper, Letv TV assistant, cloud photo albums, new weather application and so on dozens of humanized function; Interface is more simplified, use more convenient, improve the user experience. It is reported, LetvUI consists of Letv independent research and development, the operating system designed for smart TV.

conference, wyman (AVC), assistant President, tablet revealed research center general manager liu chuang July depending on TV, the TV 60 inches sales market ranked first. Yi kang in according to the latest monitoring, according to a report in July, in a total of 16 color television mainstream brands, super TV X60 sales of 15075 units, in 60 inches television market sales first, share accounted for 35.23%, become a monthly sales champion.

Letv TV, senior vice President, said to the development of traditional IT industry show that hardware foundation established, only perfect escalating operating system and application development process, hardware industry will achieve take-off and transforming traditional industries. The TV will be after PC, tablets, smart phones, the next with the aid of smart operating system has become one of the major equipment platform. Letv has long been committed to building content of “platform + + terminal + application” Letv ecological system, LetvUI is one of the core competence and achievement of super TV important reasons.

cheung chi Letv TV vice President, said the TV can be sales champion, main is to meet the demand for domestic Internet users, the innovative mode of CP2C r&d, played the tens of millions of users of wisdom. As the TV is “own brand product + brand electrical contractor”, and through the way of social marketing + video, can be done directly to the user, and based on the view ecology, super TV has four heavy profit model get rid of the dependence on hardware profits.

it is reported, on September 19, Letv TV, the TV X60 will take the lead to upgrade to LetvUI 2.3, another product S40 to upgrade in 10 months, while C1S Letv box, C1, T1S will also complete a comprehensive upgrade in the end of October.