Le regard counterattack skyworth question: home appliance enterprises difficult to copy our advantage

(editor: liu)

in depending on TV tomorrow, super officially opened the TV to buy, to skyworth President Yang Dongwen two weaknesses question about supply chain and after-sale service, depending on the TV company vice President cheung chi fight, say is trying to create innovative CP2C supplies and after-sales mode, fully embodies the thinking in the Internet, online channels advantage is the combination of traditional home appliance enterprises don’t have, it is hard to copy.

as regard TV online exposure continued to climb, skyworth group President Yang Dongwen claimed that really feel a lot of pressure at the beginning, but after a recent observation period of time, found that pressure is not as large as the forecast, and points out that music depending on TV there are two weaknesses in the supply chain and after-sale service. Coincidentally, in spite of skyworth digital performance is good, but the past two months, its share price falling. Query found after specific time points, skyworth price lower nodes broadly in line with Letv TV launch time.

when challenged, cheung chi le regard TV vice President, said the traditional home appliance industry in the supply chain after 20 years of accumulation, has many excellent professional service providers, see TV integrates the most excellent service, quickly set up a system of supply, with only three months, have established reach more than 100 major cities in the distribution network in China, which fully embodies the integration ability of the music depending on TV. This system will also be in the running-in, will further improve. In addition, Letv TV will also be innovative attempt to adopt environmental carrying super TV box, green box compared to the ordinary TV packaging, more environmental protection and safety, and can save the cost. The first delivery to pilot the TV would have environmental protection box, the future will be a wide range of promotion.

in after-sales service, Letv TV using the Internet more thought for customer service. In addition to the traditional telephone, 400 @ Letv TV official weibo, official WeChat, fan BBS, and “ecological” Letv in every link of platform, content, terminals, application of executive weibo, will be customer service channels.

cheung chi, said Letv TV using CP2C mode, the whole process to the user. This model makes everyone is the product manager, everyone is word of mouth, through the combination of online and offline channels, fully embodies the value of the user, the value of the Internet. And through the system upgrade, rapid iteration, to provide a better service. These advantages, what is the traditional home appliance enterprise does not have, is also difficult to copy.