Lanting chase after hold in both hands behind the set of potential concern

recently lanting collection of potential application for IPO drawn attention in the industry. snowball users of finance and economics (blue county consulting director yun-hui li) in snowball Shared his observation of the lanting collection of potential, hunting cloud network reproduced as follows:

2013 , 4 on 18 day online retail company in the world $ lanting collection of potential (LITB) $ submit a prospectus, the company plans in the New york stock exchange code so “ LITB “listing, financing plan 8625 million dollars. Lanting collection of potential is established in 2007 years by guo to disease, wen xin, zhang liang, co-founded Yale, etc.

lanting collection of potential since establishing its revenue has always maintained a good momentum of growth. In recent five years are listed in the table below income levels.

lanting collection of potential for the size of its annual sales revenue reached 2 $for five years. From 2008 2012 years, compound annual increasing rate of month-on-month 138% , the latest year growth rate of 72% . Its gross margin is also climbed from 2008 in 22% to 2012 in 41% , lanting collection of potential gross margins nearly doubled. Its net loss is reduced year by year, in the 2012 years for 423 dollars, compared to the previous year net loss 2453 $, down almost 82% . Of course, is the most exciting lanting collection of potential 2012 years actually realized the single quarterly profit for the first time in the fourth quarter, net profit of 111 million dollars.

lanting collection of potential customers are mainly English, France and the United States, payment system using a PayPal, media hype is Google with Facebook , the logistics is UPS, DHL andFedEx , technology platform using the amazon AWS , and its management team, with Google, Microsoft and amazon experience background. Potential to build lanting set is an electricity B2C the dream team.

this is a B2C dream team, submit the financial statements, the “three less”. Besides said before cash balance less, less and less inventory balance, balance of accounts payable.

in those early days, lanting collection of potential obtained new Oriental co-founder xiao-ping xu and Google early American employees gwendoline angel investment; 2008 years obtain lianchuang policy source ( Ceyuan Ventures ) 500 thousands of dollars in the first round of investment; 2009 years obtain lianchuang policy source and GSR ventures ( GSR Ventures ) 1127 the second round of investment dollars; 2010 years obtain lianchuang strategy source, GSR ventures and zhi capital letter ( Trust Bridge Partners ) 3500 the third round of investment dollars. After three rounds of financing, guo to disease, wen xin, zhang liang, Yale represented by the combined management equity 38.2%, still holds the control of the company. Lianchuang policy source holdings 26.4%, GSR ventures holding 20.6%, and capital and xiao-ping xu zhi letter each hold 6.8% overall, lanting collection potential melts the 5000 $, give up the 68.2% of shares, the proportion of money and give up, is not much, it’s for the following money not run smoothly the stage.

in lanting collection of potential performance behind the rapid growth, the cash flow is always at risk, according to its submitted