“Label” inventor, Google + 1 designer messina

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, the Google user experience designer Chris Messina (Chris Messina) today announced the departure.

if you are not familiar with the name messina, so when I tell you, he is widely used by many social networking sites afterwards “label” (hashtag) function of the inventor. Besides is responsible for the Google developer resources website maintenance, in three and a half years, Google messina also participated in the Google Profile and Google + 1 button design work.

messina is not only the interaction design expert, he was still open source system and the supporters of open standards. He was involved in and created many new developers exchange platform, such as and.

the messina left Google will join a group called “” collection of online trading website. In messina’s view, the site is a “significant, new forms of digital creativity and art lovers exchange platform”.

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