Klamr: mobile IM/social applications in the Swiss army knife

Klamr is the latest online apple Appstore and Google Play a multitasking information/social application. Klamr function is like “Swiss army knife” extremely rich and practical. Klamr nowadays one of the most popular social functions, including SMS/ instant messaging, social planning, positioning search, review collection, chat, and photo sharing etc.

【 what is Klamr

that now let’s look at how to use the Klamr

new user needs by registered mobile phone number, then according to the number of friends to add search and activities. The user can add a friend’s information to the program (such as meals or activities, etc.), and planning a specific time and address. From the Yelp , Foursquare and Facebook on grasping the comment on information, and application of the built-in advice, will be able to help the user to select activity locations. Once the user has selected the participants and the location, Klamr will be in the form of text messages will be detailed and link sent to the user selected participants. ( Klamr users can accept user invited).

information is private, so only the users and their friends can see invitation content (here, there is no Facebook and Twitter forward synchronization). Founder and CEO Bryan Pelz , explains the purpose of this way is to travel dating more simple.

how people will need to date of travel becomes a little bit more simple , according to the Pelz , Klamr is for people who don’t want to go to the same place every time travel, every choice location from the application on search people repeat information provides a unique solution. we are developed based on this Klamr .

【 profit and competition 】

the Klamr belongs to free, no built-in advertisement and applications. Pelz , said he was more care about is how to attract more users, rather than the capitalization of the application. Klamr data will not be a third party, can ensure the privacy of our users. Pelz that way possible future earnings will come from brands interact directly with customers, but Pelz didn’t specify how to implement this feature.

in order to attract users, Klamr must be much better than existing services on the market. As you can see, Klamr every feature, has a strong competitors in the relevant fields: im the WhatsApp is worthy of the name of the boss, with monthly 3 million active users; Location-based applications it is Fried hot; Yelp stand out among so many review sites, trapping the users a month up to 1 .

Pelz said he does not intend to replace in the field of the leader in the application. In fact, he is the Klamr as a bridge of associated with these applications. Pelz also said that will be used to build perfect really is a good way to attract users, but if every function is generic and not jing, is likely to face the threat of specialization of the competitors.

【 each words 】


need something more attractive as the core feature, with only a want in today’s social networking, communications and other elements of mobile preempt a consumer market is not enough. Klamr the functions of setting like provides users with a sumptuous buffet, all sorts of function from soup to nuts, but this and use patterns of the user’s familiarity with application purpose , at present, the user is more adapt to “ menu , there is a function with use a function. excellent social applications such as Vine , personal social network services such as , familiar social platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter is a single function. In addition, the users themselves are used to guide the application of switching to Klamr , is also not easy.

– mobile terminal analysis website Mixpanel Spence Chen

yes, too much but easy to lose the function of characteristic, let users can’t clear to realize the core characteristics of the software. Sometimes the