Keanu reeves has been brought in to 360 gourd sell what medicine?

who is keanu reeves? He starred in the matrix of the handsome boy! This afternoon, red leader zhou and famous Hollywood star keanu reeves tai chi union staged a show!

360 sister crying, whom I love you! But obviously, zhou and qi the keanu, please certainly is not only a welfare for female employees. As 360 qi xiangdong, President said, we never and entertainment have cooperation, now finally opened the door.

360 qi xiangdong, President introduced the 360 search of “direct” entertainment products. Search in May 360 launched “entertainment direct” this product, when users search for entertainment stars and film and television works relevant keywords, will show different anti-crack search results. When star search keywords, for example, the basic information of the user in addition to the star, also will be the star of the related works, weibo dynamic information, news, pictures, etc.

and when users search for related film and television works, in addition to diversity can be selected to watch, you can also obtain the douban rating of the work, summary, reviews, weibo and so on a series of information, at the same time in the right side of the search results will appear “guess you like” recommend related videos.

entertainment direct products is 360 please keanu most direct purpose. 360 has always been good at playing a single point of breakthrough, concentrate on crucial a product or a function, make it quickly gain market position. Entertainment to the product is the product of this line of thinking.

360 to tell those who enjoy the film and television, come here to search for what you want is entertainment information, you name it.

so, in addition to products, 360 gourd sell what medicine?

clear signals – 360 to take this opportunity to show to the world and the will power video search! Xiao yun thought, it contains several layers of strategy.

1, the video is big search traffic source

on the other hand, video has become big search engine traffic sources. Always visit account for baidu, 9.84%, also account for 8.10% of 360 search. PC still follow the flow for the king’s rule, the traffic is the income. And a number of data show that the video is already netizens commonly used network application. , on the other hand, the mobile Internet era, the emergence of more mobile terminal more convenient to watch video, xiao yun thought, relative to the PC, video will dominate the mobile Internet more traffic. Mobile video competition even more tragic.

search company is the traffic. Circle flow, matters of consequence.

2, 360, how to do

360 search channel is currently a content aggregation, that is, 360 brings together the content of each video websites. This video channel and baidu in the strategy of not. 360 now to make video website traffic distribution. But predictably, 360 search will also extend to the upstream of the video industry industry. Most likely is an extension of the fake baidu investment to support their own video site, this mode of baidu build in love in the body, 360 search can also do it.

in the audience to see xiao yun zhou and keanu reeves practice tai chi, tangible, but behind the taiji diagram, the layout of the 360 has once again opened.