Kai-fu lee predict elop will but Microsoft CEO

Microsoft nokia announced today, Microsoft and nokia fell in love! Go together. My friends and I were shocked! Industry executives have been called “hole” expressed the concern. Innovation works CEO lee predict elop will but Microsoft CEO.

as ballmer is retiring, raised to a new Microsoft chief executive of speculation. Today Microsoft acquisition under the background of nokia, innovation works CEO lee forecast, elop will but President of Microsoft’s new CEO.

lee said that Microsoft CEO problem is solved, nokia CEO Elop is original from Microsoft, is recognized by Microsoft and Microsoft executives.”

but notable is, recently, the reporter AllThingSD Carla, visser’s (Kara Swisher) recently said Microsoft’s new CEO best internal candidate has two:

a: Satya – Della (Satya Nadella), he operation of Microsoft’s server and tools business, it is Microsoft’s fastest growing business; Another is Tony best (Tony Bates), it is the CEO of Skype. But who attended these two people don’t become CEO, said Microsoft CEO selection from outside. Microsoft will soon be published, because he has no matter use, Microsoft needs a new leadership.

however, hunting cloud network found in today’s joint statement released by the Microsoft and nokia, nokia CEO Stephen elop abdication, as to be temporarily purchase of equipment and service department, executive vice President. This seems to be elop the whereabouts of the hidden space.

elop will really become a new CEO, Microsoft remains to be seen.

hunting cloud network below small make up to collect the parts industry executives on the views of the Microsoft’s acquisition of nokia.

yu: Microsoft’s acquisition of nokia mobile phones, before its official, Microsoft’s senior team such as Terry to me on the phone with the purchase decision. Remember the last time saw Terry, he also joked with me: “either you buy, or we buy”. Now it seems still bought Microsoft. I once in June to a media reporter suggested that huawei should buy nokia, freely give a comment, caused quite a stir.

zhang: IT industry and a milestone Is Microsoft realize “equipment + service” new strategic significant move

ran wang: once the scenery infinite nokia mobile phone business in the global market price is only two years ago to launch the first mobile phone of millet is a little over 70% of the latest round of financing valuation… The world is changing fast.