Kai-fu lee exclamation impermanence, germination was diagnosed with cancer

on September 6, hunting cloud network news, sad news came again. Innovation works CEO lee has been diagnosed with cancer, are currently receiving treatment in accordance with the doctor’s advice.

last night “points, lee himself in weibo news that burst out” impermanence, life is limited. Originally, in the face of cancer, everyone is equal.” Content after the trigger netizen speculation, to its health and widely spread, as of this morning at 7 o ‘clock, the contents of which have been forwarded 77000 times, the article comments exceeds 70000.

then, numerous innovation works co-founder, news spokesman Wang Zhaohui shall be confirmed on twitter, said “I’m sorry to inform you, kai-fu was diagnosed with cancer. Is treated in accordance with the doctor’s advice. Thank you for your concern.”

this morning, lee again on weibo had non-hodgkin’s lymphoma, although is not optimistic, but will choose a more positive attitude to face the ups and downs of life. after another account V xue barbarian risk of colorectal cancer in 2011, then carefully recovered after treatment.

lee, 52 years old. Was born on December 3, 1961, Chinese Taiwan Taipei county and city (now the new north cities and districts), once successively in apple, SGI, companies such as Microsoft and Google work and occupies an important position. On September 4, 2009, from Google China’s departure and establish innovation works. Currently on weibo has high popularity, amount to more than 51.4 million fans.