Just released just Pro to revenue paid Pro service: application in search, through the company

as for the cause of the closing of the GR, has been debated. Although popular, but, how to find a reasonable profit model, is fundamental to decide whether it can survive.

on Monday, just released a paid professional services – Feedly Pro. Users only need to pay $5 a month, or pay $45 per year, members can enjoy a series of service:

, the application in search service (just don’t have the function of the free version)

, a key to send into the company functions (free version just need through the mail way, articles will be integrated into the company)

, through Pocket function (compared with the free version, professional version of the function which can realize seamless switching)

, the high-end customer support

in addition, just the official promised, the various paid features, will be in after receiving the user feedback adjustment, in order to provide users with more high-quality experience.

by the end of the June this year, just in the number of users has exceeded 12 million. After just launched “$99 lifetime use Feedly Pro” activities, all reservation number being snapped up in eight hours alone.