Just open apis to partners, strive to become the best in the Google Reader succession

there will be less than a month time, Google Reader will be closed forever. Digg, as one of the service substitutes have on its web site for its “predecessor” sounded the death knell. Maybe Digg has begun to take over the move, but little imagine, just is the most possible successors to Google reader. For the loyal users of Google Reader, Google announced the closure of the news of the Reader has let them frustrated, lost it, because the user has lost a simple, rapid and front-end powerful information capture tool. However, for in RSS in the ecological system developers, losing Google Reader means they will no longer have to enjoy Reader apis. Today, however, will be completely “save” users and developers.

as latecomers, this just is “big” to enter the field of RSS. In addition to Google Reader’s successor, “as”, Feedly will also work with other popular RSS Reader today, including,,. In addition to this, and will also before Google Reader API shut down, with just the API. This means that the RSS reader users will be “natural” to just “arms”.

create Feedly API is just “Normandy” (Normandy) of that part of the project, the project is committed to “clone” Reader API, and it has been running on Google App Engine platform. In the future, the project will also set up their own app ecosystem, for iOS, Android, Chrome, Safari and Firefox provide app. Initially, the Normandy promise will provide 100 developers to use platform, but the reality is that only the few application developers got the invitation. However, according to reports, the second batch of invitation will be issued in the near future.

in addition to absorb the new API partners, the company will also upgrade to just part of the function, the function of the universal demand especially BBS users. With the new technicians and operators to join the company, they will focus on improving just speed problem. In addition to the highest response rate of speed, user other improvement requirements include: optimize the search results and provide site exclusive Feedly, introduced for Windows 8 and the version of Windows Phone, improve group sharing function and so on.

in addition, just also comes with a “publish” function (the user can contribute directly to the publisher) and “building a web page” function (similar to a personal blog). Above, all of these are enough to show just “ambition”. Obviously, it won’t be satisfied with only as a substitute for the online reader, just hope I can from the new constructed RSS ecosystem.

since Google announced it will close its reader services, a variety of “alternative” race to the user, one of the better known several startups, including:,, “”,, and so on. However, most of them are merely provides an online interface, and does not provide a series of subsequent applications. These no API and other app “shell”, can assume the role of Google Reader once well. Compared with other readers, Digg has advantage on the content (its parent company is Betaworks), a new media company, and it has now been on the production server, to accept a wider range of tests. However, considering the just for a long time accumulation of various resources, the starting point of it will be much higher than that of other emerging RSS reader.

a few weeks ago, the company announced that since Google Reader will close news release, there have been 3 million new users choose to use just. In addition, 68% of people in the trial, after the service has become just weeks active users. Click to step will move into your Google reader to subscribe to content.