June 6, Google closed Meebo Bar: focus on Google +

Beijing time April 29 morning news, Google announced today that will be closed In June 6, Meebo Bar publishing tools, In order to put more resources into Google + Sign – In service as well as the social network of other plug-ins.

Meebo Bar today sent to the user email, inform them of this service will be closed on June 6, but the Meebo Bar control panel and other analysis tools will still can be used to June 30.

Meebo was founded in 2005, in June last year by Google for $100 million. When there is news that the company’s product team will help Google + development tools, while existing Meebo assets will be integrated into Google +, or simply shut down.

in fact, including Meebo Messenger, Sharing on Meebo, MeeboMe and all mobile applications, Meebo Meebo’s many functions are already closed after completion of the acquisition. But Meebo Bar in December last year completed a redesign, strengthen the function of Google +, sharing. And with the Meebo Bar closed, the original market forecast has been fulfilled.

Meebo Bar not only provides web developers with an integrated chat, share, and advertising channels, can also help the site to make a profit. According to the Internet traffic monitoring firm comScore report issued in December 2011, Meebo users totaled 100 million people.

but now, this kind of service has become a Google latest “spring cleaning” target. The move also marks the Google will continue to focus on the user more, and to conform to the goal of its core search, social networking and advertising products.

after the June 6, MeeBo Bar will not be loaded into the website, so Google suggested developers to remove the failure code.

translation: tencent technology