Jump ship, blackberry and three executives

if, nokia’s symbian is a burning platform, so now the blackberry should be a cruise ship is about to sink. Since replaced by Microsoft () after its “small three” position, the day of the blackberry have been more difficult.

according to the Canadian broadcasting corporation reported that three senior executives departure from blackberry company (has seven senior departures). In an interview, the blackberry official said: “it doesn’t matter, we need the right person responsible for the right jobs.”

it is understood that the departure of three executives, points for blackberry information technology vice President Doug Kozak (Doug Kozak), is responsible for global production and supply chain, senior vice President of o card mann, Paula (Carmine matter, and the vice President of operations for graeme? Whittington (Graeme made).

according to the blackberry 2014 Q1 earnings, according to the company in the first quarter of the total revenue of $3.36 billion, up 15% year-on-year, the adjusted operating loss of $67 million. In addition, the quarter blackberry phone global sales of 6.8 million units, which carry BB10 system for smartphones at 2700000 m.

in order to reverse the company, Haynes recently for a period of time has been a massive job cuts. Simple personnel changes, however, perhaps can only let the blackberry the lost the direction of the cruise ship sank faster.


pictured above from Geek week, also called RIM Blackberry company at the time, January 30, 2013 to unified name is Blackberry. Standing in the bow of the rustic laughter is blackberry CEO Haynes (Thorsten Heins).