Jolla lend chicken unripe egg: compatible with Android applications not only, still can be compatible with Android hardware

Finland have been startups Jolla to their Sailfish become and Android is the operating system “as the goal. Recently, the Jolla has declared Sailfish already can App with Android system compatible, more interestingly, Salifish in the aspect of hardware will also with Android incompatible.

at present, the Sailfish the operating system to fit the Android tablet and smart phone. Therefore, the Sailfish interested manufacturers also won’t have to separate open for Sailfish production line. Jolla also work closely with the global app store, to ensure that the Sailfish users can download it smoothly Android application.

Jolla commitment to the user, will continue to develop according to Sailfish design of native applications, this kind of application will also give full play to the Sailfish platform, according to Jolla that only native applications can maximize show Sailfish UI the original features. However, some of us are questioned – Sailfish the compatibility of the apes are doomed program development Android application can kill two birds with one stone, and specifically for Sailfish development compared with native applications do not have too much appeal.

Jolla in Android system compatibility is not the Sailfish failure. Sailfish this is to replace the Android and its compatibility to reduce the threshold of the manufacturer’s conversion system, it will be Sailfish . Jolla said it will provide great worldwide scale promotion Sailfish the system to provide power and opportunities, particularly in China – China’s popular application WeChat currently available in the Sailfish system, thus, Jolla hope the ambition of talent can saw in China.

Jolla , a few days later this week to launch the second batch of products in its website reservation activity, the activity is aimed at Finland’s customers. Last month, Jolla had signaled that the first batch of Sailfish products are booked up, part of the customer upgrade contract signed instalment. But Jolla did not disclose the number of this batch of products.

Jolla is also hope Sailfish don’t repeat the blackberry BB10 mistake – as is the same for Android open compatibility of operating system platform, BB10 still failed in the intelligent system of war, the blackberry the smartphone industry pioneer inevitably from Canada to are dying.

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