Jobs youth dwelling place is likely to be confirmed as historical sites

jobs teenager dwelling place

recently, CNN reported that Mr. Jobs teenagers living house – that is, he and Mr. Wozniak created the world’s first apple computer, may soon be as protected historic sites.

when Steve jobs was a students in grade seven, he came to the adoptive parents in the home, and spent his high school days here. This is a single, ranch style house.

in the 70 s, is in the house of the garage, Steve jobs and Steve wozniak created the world’s first apple computer. It is reported, at that time they were totally produces 50 apple computer, and for the price of $500 each to buy to the Byte Shop in mountain view (founder of Paul Terrell, one of the world’s first PC retailers).

Apple I

only nine months later, apple company was formally established in cupertino (near). In this way, Steve jobs led apple empire in the next ten years to change the pattern of the whole computer industry. It is said that a first production of Apple computer (Apple I), once the auction price of $231000.

it is understood that the activity is by a California los thought of history committee sponsored by the seven members. On Monday, the team for jobs lived the comprehensive assessment of the house. If this proposal is proved, then the jobs teenagers living house will become a historical sites.

median disclosed according to the real estate website, this was founded in 1952, has three bedrooms, two bathroom house valued at $1.5 million.

o los, figure, history is a member of the committee, said: “jobs is a fusion of technology and art genius. The products he created changed the six industries: PC, animation, music, photography, tablets, and digital publishing.”