Jingdong operating small 2 is critical to businesses to seek various code list


operating small 2 action is quite cautious, charge anything in “code” or “borrow” on the grounds that even the remittance account, you are not his own.

“first the ticket, then the apple to remember this computer, and then simply open account for cash.” Jingdong and fu the essence of life event is not yet clear, and another was recently jingdong 400000 payment in arrears of apparel supplier, told reporters, according to the fact he refused jingdong in operation of small 2 “bought” requests, was abruptly drag deferred payment days. Before that, he had to pull the store traffic, has XiangJing east operating small 2 paid close to $70000 worth of property.

“code” listing merchants pay

“feeling sleep now taobao, jingdong is like a few years ago, the hand holds the flow of power operating small 2 often to abuse power for personal gains, we can’t live like this!” The jingdong apparel suppliers since last march, with jingdong operations small 2 disguised frequently receive requests, miserable, “at the beginning, our relations with operating small 2 get along very well, what’s the sales promotion activity, he also will promote us. As a friend, we will send him our own production of clothing.” But let the head did not think of, this is just the beginning, after small 2 operations frequently offered them the various “code” list, starting in July last year, the supplier for the operating small 2 bought on the net from Beijing to shenzhen, the full ticket from Beijing to guangzhou, paid a total of 7000 yuan. “In retrospect, he should be tempted us, watching us so, quick to promise his request is more and more, last year I went to Hong Kong, he pretended to let me help he took his laptop computers and mobile phones.” Until last October, operating small 2 with friends to buy a house don’t have enough money, even to the supplier to “borrow” the 30000 yuan, but then I never mentioned also.

this a supplier, according to the operation of small 2 action quite cautious, charge anything in “code” or “borrow” on the grounds that even the remittance account, you are not his own, “basic it is his friend’s account” a combined total of nearly 70000 yuan. So, the supplier said, find it difficult to bear. Since last October, rejected the operation of small 2, followed by the obvious decline in sales. All sorts of problems also followed, “we last November until February this year have been slow to settle the payment for goods, they give the” goods have no complaints “is the reason, let the supplier confused,” before October, also met the customer complaints, but didn’t see the knot was delay.”

operating small second-hand powerful supplier to dare not say

as we have learned, at present in the jingdong apparel of open platform by the operations manager, known as “small 2” operations, operating small 2 duties include negotiation with suppliers resources to activities, activities, activities report review, new product audits. Position function of jingdong appliance department of purchasing department. Each operating small 2 hand grasp many suppliers of resources, less 50, more up to several hundred. Supplier for their evaluation is: “although officer is not big, but it is powerful in charge.”

before the jingdong operating small 2 lei (a pseudonym) told reporters, the general operating small second-hand there will be some free resources, you can give them the jurisdiction of the supplier, such as give them the chance on some influential promotion to drive customer traffic, “some of the activities, operating small 2 will only tell part of the merchant. As for how to choose the supply business, in theory, sales good quality merchants are the main target of choice, but does not rule out the ‘good’ businesses.”

to promote Make lei’s real reason for leaving the company is, he’s very hard to accept operation attitude when small 2 negotiation with suppliers, and internal environment. Newly hired, he witnessed several times operating small 2 when negotiating with suppliers, tone curt, “don’t like to discuss, more like a command. In some obvious loss of sales promotion activities, will let suppliers operating small 2 will force suppliers to cooperate.” In lei’s point of view, they are relying on jingdong this signature. For luck camp small 2, a lot of suppliers can only dare to anger can’t say, “after all, you still want to eat together.”

before the disclosure of suppliers is also have the same concerns, “the report did not dare to, after all, even in jingdong do it, even if successfully sued the operating small 2, cooperate with the next operation how small 2?”

jingdong alarm and liu concern

the bartender corrupt, seems to have become electricity development will inevitably experience stage, alibaba had exposed internal corruption, alibaba, internal audits, and the related personnel transferred to public security organs.

for this kind of situation, jingdong mall has alarmed. Jingdong CEO liu said recently in inner training, part of the employee’s service attitude problems are worried about him, the whole team overall quality in drop compared to a decade ago. “There are supplier and seller to reflect, in jingdong, investment, operations, or finance, some people feel very cow, as if they were in the tube supplier, service awareness is poor.” Liu said.

on the matter, the reporter contact jingdong mall has achieved, the other says, to verify the seller about the specific situation, if true, jingdong aspects will dismiss party employees according to regulations and transferred to judicial organs. Related personnel said: in jingdong, there is the open platform FangTan corruption provisions, shall not take any of the value of the property, without permission shall not attend the banquet, etc. So long as has the employee tried to bribe from being discovered by the supplier report, jingdong mall immediately gives prosecutors in bonuses. In addition, supplier and seller, have signed the agreement against commercial bribery, partner shall not bribe, have the right to monitor report, that year by 30%, or 100000 yuan of the total penalty due to breach of contract and agreement as anti-corruption compensation.

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