Jingdong first to disable WeChat inside This is definitely not the last

during easecredit challenge the letter and the dominance of the way more than a staunch supporters. Today, jingdong internal email, according to the requirements in order to protect the company’s information security, all employees in the communication business, can only choose easy letter as the only mobile instant messaging tool, not allowed to use other mobile communication tool. This is the first enterprise open to challenge micro letter.

at present, WeChat popular domestic mobile communications market, coupled with the hand Q platform, is a dominant, it has also been interpreted to get mobile Internet tickets first. Next, tencent will also revolve around mobile games, O2O, electricity payments such as the layout of the larger.

in the electricity business, WeChat docking priority must be owned by tencent Yi Xun network, with WeChat this mobile trees, Yi Xun network as there are the corners on the mobile end overtaking opportunities. It’s enough to make ali, jingdong alert, before that, the micro believe it cut off the micro flow entrance, was also ordered to block outside chain qr code advertising, micro letter away from ali ecosystem.

on the way of public resistance WeChat, besides ding to easecredit flag-waving, jingdong absolutely will not be the last one, certainly there will be some other companies to work together. You can think of, in the release of the letter, sohu CEO Charles zhang, 360, qi xiangdong, President of the company bosses to union station, self-evident. What is next? We have to wait and see.

jingdong internal mail from full text:

with the rapid development of jingdong, the influence of the company in a rapidly improvement. As we all know, we have 30000 employees, nearly 40000 partners, hundreds of millions of users, every order volumes in the millions of order of magnitude, pass every day with a large number of business information, the information for jingdong itself, our customers, suppliers and sellers is very important. To better protect the company, customers and partners in information security, the company since the first published the following provisions:

from now on, all jingdong company employees in the use of the mobile instant messaging tool to work related business, unified use “letter”, not allowed to use in other mobile instant messaging tool.

the above rules will take effect from today, I hope every colleague starts from me, strictly abide by it.

jingdong company

on August 26, 2013