Jingdong and propaganda Please talk calculate words at this time

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has been low-key silent long jingdong finally unbearable voice, this time aimed at home appliance market, directed at suning. Recently, jingdong in Beijing held a farmer titled “win change? Create the future “the home appliance industry summit, so-called strategic goal is to 2014 annual sales of 40 billion yuan, 70 billion yuan, 2015, 2016, 2016 yuan. Engaged in media public opinion after the reaction, the effect of jingdong declared war on the public relations seem to be some much cry and little wool, this perhaps until your negative effect.

take charge of gome gome people play reproduce

now jingdong is original gome electrical appliances division general manager, director of the Beijing market, jingdong’s new home appliances play is similar to gome in those days. 2009, jingdong was small at that time, 闫小兵 gome, gome was launched “99 days enjoy 39 days return, exchange security services, and jingdong or return within 30 days, today can exchange goods within 180 days, just a slightly different length of time. 09 is the United States and the Soviet union at the height of the, gome launched the service purpose is to service quality through ascension to suning, four years later the same game again, another sponsor.

this style effect is not obvious, first, consumer’s trust in the home appliance product itself is higher; Second, electrical home appliances products do not rate below 1%, the problems of few; Third, consumers are widespread fluky psychology (millet) confirmed this, before buying to return service is not very sensitive. In addition, although sellers make more than the national standard of the return time, but really relevant problems often with all sorts of reason to push to take off as far as possible, to minimize the return happens, reduce the cost of after-sales service. Domestic consumers’ rights consciousness is not strong at the same time, will urge return unless very big problem, and some small problems because of the trouble will often go toed the line stops, leaving a next time is not the most to buy or buy this brand. Whole, although the extension of the return time is good for consumers, the sales will also play a role, but from the perspective of the effect of gome in 2009, this way the effect is not obvious.

electrical appliances manufacturers concern: keep him

at the meeting, jingdong has made a good market strategy: “home appliance enterprise strategic partner within three years contract policy unchanged; To give the best way of payment and settlement, share the big data resource based on actual consumer behavior, and promote the accounting transparency; No forced apportion expenses of cooperation manufacturers, no default payment for goods; Adhere to the retail, resolutely put an end to the wholesale, the list of goods such as disrupt the market sale behavior.”

on this kind of word games do pr publicity is commonly used in every industry, but really wants to fulfil can appear such and such a variety of problems, if the jingdong can follow this principle, for home appliance manufacturers is very willing to accept. But on the other hand, home appliance manufacturers association shouldn’t be hard because of jingdong draw pie support jingdong is a different matter.

jingdong appliances can be developed, the color also depends on the manufacturer. When small jingdong to give such a big discount, but when the jingdong’s size can be on a par with Sue beauty, home appliance manufacturers will cope with another tiger, jingdong will at that time all the lost profit over the years to come back.

for manufacturers, from the transformation of traditional retail to the network of retail, jingdong is indeed a good choice, not only traffic is big, good user experience, but also in rapid rise, can take on jingdong this express, is a big opportunity to rise. But the biggest worry is that the carelessly produced for jingdong is too dependent on, the future is likely to be jingdong kidnapping. This kind of thing happened in the past the traditional home appliance retail industry is not only a few times, there have been outbreaks of contradiction between the manufacturers and retailers, so this time, home appliance manufacturers would be prepared ahead of time, will not be good waiting to be slaughtered again.

home appliance manufacturers will take the initiative to meet the network marketing channel

but now online shopping market is not jingdong dominance, before Tmall road, suning chased after, otherwise reinforcements yi, home appliance manufacturers there are so many choices, it is not necessary to feed jingdong. All channels shop goods, multi-platform operation can prevent due to excessive dependence on a particular channel to the passive situation.

in the online shopping market, home appliance manufacturers preferred model is open platform, and is a multi-platform operation. Way, choose open platform, the manufacturer can be more flexible to operate and can control the market first-hand data; And secondly, open platform can most greatly to reduce dependence on the retailer, master the game control of supply and marketing; Third, many operating platform, can avoid the danger of eggs in one basket; Fourth, the platform, the game between the manufacturers can enjoy more preferential benefits.

jingdong want to get manufacturers strongly support to offer than suning, gome, more preferential investment policies, and in the eyes of manufacturers jingdong’s strong rise, let them have more leverage to game, and Sue beauty in plain English, now home appliance manufacturers more is to want to put the jingdong as a new retail form a relatively important pieces, in addition to jingdong, home appliance manufacturers will also grasp the other pieces.

now, vendors and jingdong is MianHeXinBuHe, although it is very important to jingdong online retail channels, but not to let the manufacturer committed to cooperation. In the so-called jingdong home appliance industry summit, although jingdong invited China home appliance association secretary-general dong-sheng xu, yi kang Jia Dongsheng seemingly considerable weight, general manager of the characters in the platform to show the importance of the meeting, but did not see the emergence of home appliance manufacturers bosses, and are represented at the meaning. The actual attitude than all talk.

intense market competition Many participants

jingdong electrical appliances for the next three years goal is: 2014 2014 yuan, 70 billion yuan in 2015, 2016, 110 billion yuan. If you want to, in accordance with the GMV, very easy to do, just brush can make beautiful data, but it is hard to say if you want to calculate by actual turnover.

from the point of view on the size of the market, yi kang monitoring data show that in 2012, home appliance industry sales size appeared negative growth for the first time since 2007, the year total retail sales of 1.1285 trillion yuan, down 6.6% year-on-year. Data also showed that home appliance industry sales in 2011 to nearly six years of peak, is 1.2085 trillion yuan, the growth curve is undulate, slowed to only 4.6% in 2008, and then gradually accelerated, 2010 highest growth rate reached 20.5%, after growth is slowing, and negative growth in 2012. Electricity industry has gradually rebounded in 2013, yi kang in the size of the market this year is expected to reach 1.178 trillion yuan, up 2.0% from a year earlier. If the next three years home appliance market can maintain annual growth of 5%, by 2016 appliances overall market size is 1.4 trillion the size of the market. The market capacity will by gome, suning, Tmall, jingdong, yi, shop no. 1, and many other electric business enterprise, and offline all kinds of home appliance retail channels to split.

jingdong plans for the next three years electrical appliances category year-on-year growth, respectively, 82%, 75%, 57%, this is far higher than the industry average growth level. So jingdong to achieve this goal, only to change the existing market and grab market share of other enterprises, so in the pr battle jingdong to shoot tigers play drama, nuked suning.

in the home appliance market, in addition to the existing the giants, suning, gome in the electric dealer market bigger than jingdong Tmall also in creating Tmall electric city, yi and the successor, 1 store has also been gradually increase input in the field of home appliance market. The size of the market is limited, and many participants, jingdong to achieve this goal is too difficult.

offline short legs the bigger size problem

jingdong self-confidence to as for the two years of rapid growth, according to the planning of the growth of home appliance to keep at least 100% this year. Media reports jingdong home appliance sales this year is expected to reach 22 billion yuan, the scale of jingdong home appliance sales for 11 billion yuan last year, didn’t find the jingdong officially the data, presumably by oral revealed to the media, and from jingdong CMO, also a former lenovo manager to speak at the meeting of the data “jingdong appliances accounted for from 19% in 2010 to 23.9% now, coupled with jingdong previously announced trade target of 110 billion in 2013, this year’s home appliance of jingdong turnover should be at around 26 billion, some diameter error under pr packaging, appeared 4 billion floating up and down is normal.

just aiming for jingdong campaign home appliance still can understand, but if internal really as a goal, would seem to be some swelling. Home appliances market in 2012, 1.1285 trillion, jingdong sales 2012, accounting for nearly 1%, than the whole

one in 100 people without experience or experience in line and then near the order is very normal matter, but when the scale is bigger and bigger, jingdong offline short legs weakness will leak out. Especially in the era of smart appliances, without deep physical experience how can feel vendors selling point? Only hope on price, blindly to online is much cheaper than offline promotion is not long, Su Ningzheng its dual single-phase &three-phase strategies to deal with the problem.

another interesting point is that jingdong have specifically targeted at the meeting said “opposed to online same price monopoly of the slogan”, who can tell this is said in su ning, and Su Ningzhan than home appliance market share of less than 10%, no monopoly say? Don’t jingdong want to forced suning to abandon double same price strategy?

Su Ningtian cat busy doing O2O jingdong behind

the suning, cats are busy O2O, jingdong or trumpeted the electricity business advantage. Debate about electrical contractor O2O, every day in online retailing fusion basically has made the development of industries of consensus, and jingdong said at the meeting for “O2O model” in the retail industry is currently exploring.

jingdong do electrical appliances O2O quite idealistic vision, after 闫小兵, said jingdong O2O if development, three, four, five market a large number of terminal stores, small local chain with jingdong cooperation possibility, jingdong appliances can use the terminal in stock. 闫小兵 external commitment when it is in May this year, is now to October, jingdong O2O haven’t specific development ideas, is still in the war on focus on market expansion and public relations. This development is dramatic, three, four, five cities stores with what want to cooperate with jingdong? Give jingdong in stock? Jingdong, chief marketing officer is also a former lenovo manager, said: “now we have cooperation with parts manufacturers, and offline equinoctial cooperating with online network as a service point, manufacturers offer certain subsidy.” The manufacturer: why do you want to pay for jingdong? There is also a lot of say not clear, jingdong so-called O2O completely still just the conceptual planning stage. Offline short legs also let jingdong on O2O propulsion is rather difficult.


although jingdong often fail, but jingdong to be able to actively participate in market competition to complete the goal, it is good for consumers. Jingdong so as to realize the goal of 110 billion, however, many problems need to be solved, vendor relations, market competition, industry changes, their short board, and many other problems are inevitable. Jingdong let air ball so much, that the media and consumers of jingdong grandiloquence feel numb, hope jingdong does at this time.