Jelly bean finally reached beyond gingerbread Android 4. X

according to Google, released in July, with Android jelly bean accounted for 37.9% of the number of system equipment (33%) last month, including Android4.1 accounted for 32.3%. Gingerbread Android 2.3 system’s market share fell to 34.1% from 36.5% last month. At this point, the jelly beans than gingerbread, become “eldest brother” in the Android. In addition, the ice cream sandwich ICS android 4.0 proportion also decreased from 25.6% last month to 23.3% this month.

at this point, Android 4 X system share has reached 61.2%, Android finally entered the 4 X days. But out of 2.3 is still a long way to go.

other system version of the market share is very small, frozen yogurt (runs) 3.1% (3.2%) last month; Muffin (make) 1.4% (1.5%) last month; Honeycomb (Android3.2) and donuts (Android1.6) is only 0.1%.

Google in the first week of the month will collect the relevant data, foreign public release different version of the Android system than the situation of the market. Login and the data is from the Google Play Store, check in Google servers.