Japanese Internet observe 】 【 iPhone camera morphing into a monitoring tool

(hunting cloud network editor in the Asia Pacific region: dragon interface)

a few days ago, Japan’s emerging enterprise Key Value (キ ー バ リ ュ ー) released a can be iPhone into a free application of surveillance cameras – “security surveillance cameras” ( あ ん し ん monitoring カ メ ラ). Once a successful open start, can be in the Web browser home is enabled through the camera.

after the application of the installation, can be taken by pressing keys to open shot monitoring function. But need to confirm the situation in the home, just set the login account password set in the application in advance, and then by the PC or smartphone platform, enter the account password in the dedicated web page.

the application also carry the picture horizon wide range change in an instant the perception of functions, in addition also added through the db perception around the sound, once the rustling around more than threshold, will immediately alert function. Shooting images will be saved on the server side 24 hours, and will automatically expire during save data to eliminate, preservation period will also record the variation of sound. At the same time the company is also considering to launch in the future can be long-term preservation of high quality premium version.


set the basic function to go out when the left-behind pet image switching, to help users to block complex network Settings. Past monitoring device and high price set up trouble, since then idle at home scrap iPhone or iPod touch , the can be used to install the software to work.