Jane: Facebook follow what kind of advertising strategies?

when you spread like wildfire, why do you get more money out of the fire?

Facebook hope to wait for ads to help its web site and mobile phone app development, now it to them adopted the same strategies. Wall Street because Facebook with earn 700 million $to buy a camera app and became noisy, but M ano Zuckerberg still refused to use tomorrow’s dollar exchange the money today.

Facebook took years to an advertising has gradually. Reason is the Facebook from the first day of the creation value is the enterprise growth and the user experience. Facebook’s first advertising is actually called “flyers” and is due to campus events of course. This analogy might be more appropriate, it does not transfer from the value of the social network. When Facebook began to sell more traditional advertising, it can provide the individual unit is very small, and the time closely the toolbar that these ads can be placed in the middle of the front end and. Compared with those of noisy, flashing light loud slogans and sudden outburst on advertising anytime and anywhere, Facebook seems to be a sacred sanctuary. This strategy help Facebook quickly grew into an enterprise with hundreds of millions of users.

in July 2008, Facebook released its iphone app. More than three years, since an AD did not appear. The world are turning to a mobile phone, Facebook hope with open arms, not greedy desire to welcome the arrival of the era. 2010, 2011, two years, Facebook’s smartphone applications at an astonishing pace of development, has become one of the best in the mobile phone market. Had the most momentum moment full of advertising, so it is difficult to have the growth of the scale it is today.

by the end of 2011, Facebook users daily based on iOS and Android system has more than 57000000, the number is almost certain similar twice as many competitors on the user. Word of mouth to download these programs between friends don’t have any guilt. They don’t have to cry is busy for their trust in it, but they do not waste the limited resources on the squeeze money from advertising model.

until 2012, when Facebook announced that it will be when feed news to mobile phones and computers to insert ads. So far there have been an unparalleled large user group are using Facebook’s web and smartphone applications. In its most important markets such as America, Britain and Canada, user growth slow attenuation become a trickle. Strong growth of users from those same features in the use of Facebook mobile application in developing countries.

when Facebook finally on sites, iOS and android platform embedded advertisement beginning, stable development trend has its yield is much greater than lose. It there is no need to make it in the app to become the first world countries and users as many viruses and addendum, it need to ensure that is it won’t drive away the users in the hand. Advertising began to appear more slowly because Facebook needs time to assess the market reaction, but won’t special attention in it to see people browse those gifts, advertising will develop faster and faster. The reason is simple – there are some among advertising.