Jabil CEO: blackberry let us down, the company has plans to break up the partnership

according to foreign media reported AllThingsD science and technology, the blackberry’s declining to its partners Jabil (Jabil) feel “Alexander”. The company’s CEO, said they have begun to consider termination of struggling with this mobile phone manufacturer relations of cooperation.

the jabil technology group was founded in 1966, is headquartered in Florida. As the world’s third largest electronic contract manufacturing services at present, the company in the computer peripheral equipment, digital printers, and other fields.

this week three, in the company’s fourth quarter on a conference call, jabil CEO Mark mondale ROM (Mark Mondello) pointed out: “the blackberry the plummet of the company, let them it is necessary to reconsider its original partnership”. According to the report, the blackberry company is currently the jabil’s second big customer, the former jabil 12% of business income. The number after the first big customers – apple, accounted for 19%.

mondale said: “we will probably end with blackberry company relations of cooperation. For the great changes of nearly a period of time, we feel very disappointed. The company has started to discuss how to get rid of relationship “with the blackberry. Although he did not specify when will remove with the blackberry, mondale ROM words certainly suggests that this moment will come soon.

analysts believe that between jabil and blackberry with a lot of business between us, so once the two relations of cooperation in the end, will inevitably cause certain scale events of the restructuring, layoffs.

it is reported that yesterday jabil technology shares fell 9.9% to $21.62, hitting a biggest one-day fall in more than two years.

this blackberry official response is quite plain. A blackberry company spokesman said in an interview: “the blackberry has always attaches great importance to the global partners, in the future we will, as always, with they together to launch better products and services”.