IWatch reports that apple will be turned into user home “remote control”

recently, from the famous investment institutions Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White a report, reveals the iPhone sales, mysterious iWatch, frequent and the media hype of large screen apple mobile phone, etc.

iPhone sales “barometer”, Taiwan supplier sales call for apple

White, points out that as the iPhone market “barometer”, the sales of Taiwan suppliers for apple (September) sharply higher than the same period of last year (10%). In addition, White said while hon hai company is not in his “barometer” investigation report, but as one of apple’s biggest supplier, the company’s sales growth of 20% last month is another proof of iPhone sales.

iWatch – not just ordinary smart watches, will become the “remote control” in the home

White reason apple suppliers, iWatch is not just an ordinary smart watches, apple will make it convenient for a user to control the “remote control” of home appliance control (for example, indoor heat and cold temperature control, lighting lighting, audio and video entertainment, etc.).

it is understood that after the media had predicted iWatch will be released at the end of 2014.

big screen iPhone will be released in 2014

in addition, White in the report also pointed out that when he was with some Chinese Taiwan supplier contact, who said the big screen in the phone is busy preparing. White wrote: “I am sure that apple will be released in 2014, the iPhone on a large screen.

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