Issued a letter to Google user page, respond to the PRISM scandal: What the… ?

Google’s loyal users, hello:

I think you probably already know that the so-called “monitoring scandal” yesterday. Media reports, nine, including Google, the Internet company involved in the NSA (NSA) in the “PRISM” project, and doubt we directly to the government to provide the user’s personal data information. Once the matter is spread, immediately caused quite a stir. As Google CEO and chief legal officer, I think I have the responsibility to clarify the truth of the matter to you.

first of all, we never (including other governments) for the government to provide direct access to our server “privilege”, nothing more so-called “back door” data center. For the PEISM project, we are only know until yesterday.

second, even if to assist the government, it is in the absolute legal basis. I admit that every Google’s legal department received a lot of “requirements”, hope we provide user data. But Google team is based on the user’s interests, all the injured individual privacy, illegal, not program “requirements” are Google declined. As for Verizon admitted to participate in the government “monitor” project (Verizon, America’s big communication operators, admitted to the NSA to provide a large number of user data -), I feel very surprised, at least for Google, it is absolutely impossible. In addition, there are media reports said, Google for the government to provide unlimited user data access, this is no basis in fact.

after the most, the episode also confirmed a belief that we have been mastered “big data” Internet companies, more needs to be “transparency” of the management mechanism. So for years, Google has always been in accordance with the laws, and for those who require “requirements”, we provide data Google never hide, but posted them in the “transparency report”, the male is to the user. I dare say, we are the first company dare to do so. The other side, we also understand some of the government behavior (and even some monitoring behavior), they, to some extent is also in order to ensure the safety of the country and its people. Each Google people deeply understand, however, any contrary to the law of “intelligence” behavior, are destroying our very not easy to set up the foundation of democracy and freedom.

Larry Page


PS: in a few minutes ago,, Facebook has never directly for the government to provide user data. He also felt sorry for media coverage.