Issuance of $360 and $550 million to the end want to do is: to buy!

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

a long, long time no news from 360 to buy, but recently a share prices topped $10 billion, 360 and released plans to expire in 2018, the $550 million senior convertible notes.

according to sina science and technology, 360, foreign relations department said the issue this paper general expenditure to income funds will be used in the company. Debt issuance is mainly for the company to continue to develop the business, and to prepare for the future the possibility of small acquisitions, this series of messages, or to cause the attention of the author.

such a large scale of bond issuance, coupled with the original 360 holdings of $300 million, the level of cash holdings has reached a staggering 900 million dollars, it can’t be simply to prepare for a small mergers and acquisitions, the author lists for the next 360 is likely to be some big moves, help you analyze 360 what exactly is it?

a sogou, the eyebrow come to eye has long

360 brought by the search through the browser and site navigation, have stagnated, recently launched the double Ctrl desktop search has not been accepted by the market cannot break 20% market share, this is urgently needed in the search field gets a 360 is definitely not something worth tsundere. Acquisition of sogou, sogou has possession of the market share, not only can share rose to 360 a short time, and enlarge the search engine rankings bargaining power, more can take advantage of sogou input method huge entrance, for 360 like bundling its software undoubtedly another a good weapon.

in addition still can obtain sogou strength strong technical team, according to the author, now use sogou browser input keywords, some software applications will popup information prompt the user to download and install directly, intercepting the certain search engine traffic, the technology for have stronger client 360 is a rare.

2, have no confidence in yourself more and more of the peas

pen person search peas co-founder Wang Junyu published about 91 assistant weibo, found a very interesting information, most of all is demeaning to 91 assistant, and then high peas in the application of distribution status in the market. After 91 was $1.9 billion acquisition of baidu, Wang Junyu published titled “$1.9 billion and the future of the peas” an article, the full text is all in describing the peas has now achieved, and think about a better future,

the author did not mention that some content here, but I still say some key information: (1) “91 did a very good business, the price of $1.9 billion is a very refreshing,” peas see with themselves in the same camp 91 should sell such a high price, move; (2) “don’t want to make peas just a simple flow entrance. We don’t want to just be a hao123 “, as it is now the peas face many giant double, want to achieve such a big vision, has no chance, impotence; (3) always adhere to the road of independent development, rejected a lot of strategic investment and acquisition. Several giant has and peas approached, but the price didn’t wind up (you can refer to UC browser has always insisted that independent development, was later ma in)

for 360 May be a potential buyers? Baidu to buy 91 assistant, monopoly of mobile search traffic share over 80%, has become a veritable application distribution market first, this brought 360 mobile phone is the most important product 360 mobile phone assistant brought great pressure. Baidu application put forward in this light, it is pointed out that it is well known the existing disadvantages of the application of distribution market, collect user demand, long tail application distribution market has already formed the baidu, 360, peas, three aspect.

360 mobile phone assistant although have very strong channel capacity, but to surpass in the mobile terminal with the advantage of absolute flow baidu is still very difficult. In third peas for 360 is a very good buy for like, if you really have the deal, peas will be with me, the acquisition value could exceed $1.9 billion. This and the purported 360 will spend $400 million + 1 billion’s stock purchase sogou message is a bit like, 360 now have about $900 million, plus the rising share prices, is fully capable of eat peas.

three, decline once the UC king browser

UC browser the first entry was once the user access to the Internet, many users even put a habit in the era of PC and symbian, together into the smartphone era. Mention morning, and now many users think of the mobile browser is the first entry, but now more and more apps are built into the browser, basically can provide roughly the same browser and the user experience.

the value of future mobile browser, can be completely replaced by other application function, the typical is baidu weight application platform can let the user directly to bypass the Internet browser, and you can import the light application in the search results.

on PC browser can basically meet all the requirements for the user, but on the phone, these requirements, all is subdivided app and all kinds of meet the demand of light applications typically: reading a novel reader; See video, watch the news, even to rent a house, there are corresponding to the client. Mobile Internet can say to change the user directly on the PC have the habit, the trend has become increasingly obvious.

although at present the status of the mobile browser will be replaced, but it also needs a long time. The author is not really special to see a bright future for the browser, because is for my personal experience, the browser now to me, is just a tool products have problems to find the answer. There is a very worthy of note, baidu if once you get through all channels, just use the search on the mobile end can jump to light application platforms, real power make open platform, UC browser will inevitably become baidu is the most direct competitors, the prospect of UC is now uncertain.

it seems, in the PC 360 face the same problem, the mobile search traffic, baidu monopoly 360 want to break out of it must rely on the power, 360 mobile phone assistant in the mobile terminal is a very strong side, but that is only distributed in application level, but not too much advantage in mobile search level. If the 360 acquisition of UC browser choice, through direct switch browsers default search engine, is likely to get more mobile search traffic. Those gossip and lei jun 360 is not the author consider object, remember a word, there is no eternal enemies, only permanent interests.

4, search the next phase of recommendation engine “today’s headline”

as a kind of new way of information dissemination, the recommendation is higher than the search algorithm complexity, is a system of two-dimensional algorithm. As cluster more and more perfect, machine algorithm is faster and faster, with a recommendation engine will burst into a huge amount of energy in the future, in fact, last year a recommendation engine in advertising has presented the outbreak of the state, it is naturally to a certain stage of the Internet and information development should produce things, is a natural extension of the search.

the entire network information is very complex, needs to have the entire Internet information processing ability, the ability of the only three giant BAT, it is definitely not a good thing for 360, in the big data level affirmation can’t keep up with the footsteps of giants, so you need to in a certain technical innovation level.

, Before the author has found that “today’s headline” combined 360 navigation introduced a desktop, click on the 360 security guards news directly in the popup window can jump to the headline news page provided today, it seems to me it is all want to reverse the traditional portal news site continues to this day. In vast amounts of information, only recommend that you want to see or do you want to see, is actually a recommendation engine, intelligent filter out in huge amounts of information users the most desired results. This recommendation engines are naturally suitable for search engine companies such as 360, 360 don’t like baidu post bar, knows that the moat, maps, lack of content of products. 360 also is others production content completely, he only bring traffic to other people. Buy today’s headline focused on recommendation engines and data mining team, for 360’s future strategy is very necessary. As an aside, if there is no intention to purchase 360 headlines today, the security guards play such an important window to share resources with each other?

360 such a large amount of cash in hand, to buy other companies, of course, it is possible, but in my opinion, the acquisition has not been enough to change the pattern of the whole market. Now, it seems, for 360 has been adhering to the respect user experience now comes from capital pressure is huge. According to the author, rarely played before 360 security guards of the advertising, advertising has gradually started to become more, 360 mobile phone assistant also almost every day to I recommend a few won’t use the application completely. 360 in the commercialization of this road looks a bit too radical, how to find new profit growth point, complete with 360 their existing business model is very difficult to maintain a high-speed growth, acquisition has become the inevitable choice of 360, which will purchase enterprise, the author is not sure now. 360 a big deal, but once the entire Internet pattern must be great changes will happen again.