Is unknown, but sleep Shirley: VC like COINS, prospects even though they don’t know about it

as a decentralized digital encryption currency, the currency has been more and more interest wind for bosses. However, for the currency in the bud, there’s too much uncertainty it is a field of investment. In today’s currency London conference (), some investors said that although many VCS are already in the field of bits than “betting”, but in front of the investment, the industry still has a lot of things to learn.

the Passion of the Capital, Stephen graz (Stefan Glaenzer) to compare themselves to “outsiders” in the field of the currency. He points out that it is ironic, compared to those who “only, and come, come back disappointed” speculators, he will hold the mindset of learning has been paying attention to the development of the industry. Participants also said that another COINS are like new technology in the field of quantum mechanics, those who thinks he knows the reason actually know nothing about.

today’s conference seemed to render the is a paradox: although most investors have to admit that you know little about the currency, but all of them in doing everything we can to make us believe that, this field contains the unlimited potential for development. in other words, the VCS bullish on the currency of the future, because it can be a lot of uncertain factors in the early, but make the person produces a clear sense of “bearish” emotional. Full of “mystery” COINS in the future will play what role? Under the good wishes of alternatives to traditional currency, the currency will encounter on the existing financial institutions? Who, as a virtual currency, to regulate, ensure security and stability of it?

as a company (a streaming music player) investors, Shakil Khan also created a news website – Coindesk about COINS. He says, he established the purpose of the website is to give yourself a currency related knowledge.

Mangrove Capital (once investment Skype) in the early stages of a Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson), points out that although they have not invested in the currency of the specific plans, but companies are optimistic about its prospects for development. The financial services and telecommunications sector alike, so, he thinks the VCS in the industry have a chance.

at the same time, in the Passion Capital2012 in April 2013 to April 2013, a number of investment case, no one is involved in the field of the currency. As a result, he thinks the current currency startup companies mainly rely on their own strength in development. In other words, they have not “packaging” themselves, to the noses of the investment company.

Jackson said: “the VCS are very lazy, always waiting for some company after growing up, take the initiative to find you. I chose to attend the COINS conference in London, because I want to be a proactive risk investors, and the actual action in the field of the currency. A lot of opportunity for all requires you to do, walk out of the office listen to those unknown entrepreneurs, tend to be a good investment.”

however, COINS this “don’t hit” good development momentum is going to be history. As the recent period of time, a few venture capitalists well-known companies began to “test the waters” COINS, soon there will be more investors in the “herd mentality” driven to those startups (COINS) throw out the “olive branch”.

as investment pioneer in the field of COINS, Ribbit Capital Nick Shalek said: “at the moment, we have already cast in two COINS start-ups. Ribbit Capital strategy is “less money, more participation. in the future there will be a lot of related start-up, we will provide all of them have the potential to offer help.” In addition, when it comes to Ribbit currency Capital investment reason, Nick Shalek further pointed out: “we have been looking for those who can provide users with good experience, and get the user trust companies as investment. If you know the COINS, then you will be as good as we thought it is a sustainable development potential of the industry. In financial services, reputation and security users first. So we often remind those cooperative enterprise, to the user experience and safety as a top priority.”