Is an capital punishment mountain tiger: mobile game

recently, mobile game market is extremely popular is used to describe. Huge market from mobile game company financing or sell information, even some original deep traditional industries have also dispatched and seeking a share in the craze.

so, as the tourism industry in the leading position of hand, how about when to start the current situation of the tourism industry? On such issues, ledong excellence founder form the mountain tiger told hunting cloud network: at present, the mobile game market is a bubble, the bubble is enlarge capital.

why would just hand swim in emerging markets is a bubble? Form the mountain tiger to hunt cloud network, said the current tour generally high valuation is hand market based on the judgment of the two points.

a, hand tour terminals huge imagination

the present a data is that domestic there are about 180 million PCS, but to play online games doesn’t even have 30 million. But mobile terminal 5 billions of sales every year, coupled with other mobile devices, hand swim terminal ownership may even reach $5 to 10 levels.

2, tour the portability of hand

PC game only sitting in front of a computer to play before, but the mobile game is totally broke the limit this kind of space and location. Users can take out a mobile terminal connected to the Internet to play games at any time, regardless of the user is in the cafe or on the road in the wild. Application scenarios of this I decided to swim has greatly widened.

form the mountain tiger said that capital is about tour market hand? Explosive growth has established a mobile game terminal market base, coupled with the portability of mobile game itself is good, the two market basis points by multiplying the basic judgment to tour the market could be 10 times the PC market. So the mobile game market is capital market amplifier, had great expectations, in the end.

according to media reports, le dynamic excellence, “my name is MT monthly water has topped 55 million, company in the second paragraph masterpiece” mercenary the world “will be launched before the National Day. In addition, the dynamic excellence, announced that it would open channels, in game industry.