IQIYI CEO gong yu: no baidu no iQIYI

recently, love in the CEO gong yu said publicly during hunting cloud network question, baidu in love is a decisive role in the development process. “No baidu no iQIYI.”

iQIYI and PPS announced a merger already has a period of time, progress after the merger between the two sides? Love in the recently announced that the two video brand iQIYI.COM, PPS. TV comprehensive upgrade, was given a answer.

brand upgrades, iQIYI and PPS will pay more attention to their respective independence and brand differentiation. IQIYI from long mainly locate in the film and television content based video playback platform reorientation in comprehensive new mainstream video media, to continue adhering to the “yue enjoy quality” brand philosophy, to provide users with comprehensive quality, innovation, enterprising, high quality video services; PPS from the location in long video playback tools relocation to provide rich content of the video entertainment platform, to “do you want to look at” for the idea, to build professional, rich and friendly platform for the whole video entertainment and gaming entertainment platform.

released from iQIYI development strategy, as you can see, in the mobile terminal in the future, iQIYI will rely more on baidu. Love, art and PPS acquisition, baidu has played an important role of decision-makers? Baidu in love in the development process, what is the role. When answer the question of hunting cloud network, love in the CEO gong yu, said baidu’s decisive role, can say no, there is no love in the baidu.

the personage inside course of study says, love in the baidu business model in the middle of trying, try this besides in love in the body, where the body is also the performance of this strategy. “Baidu investment in the love and where is the same logic, the financial investment is not so simple, in addition to supplement business line, baidu page intermediate business, through baidu’s resources to support the site, now see, the effect is good.”