IQIYI ambitions: video website Internet TV a dream

a few days ago, love in the problem with the Internet change the TV, and since the media held a seminar in Beijing.

iQIYI vice President, Internet TV, head of the department of Duan Youqiao of traditional television industry current dilemma, recently listed TCL love in the smart TV ( TCL L48A71 ) product features, iQIYI TCL the current cooperation pattern, as well as on the Internet TV market outlook and participants share their views.

1. traditional TV industry is a sunset industry TV into the sitting room adornment?

Duan Youqiao thought, the traditional TV industry are faced with the problem is that young people gradually reduce demand for TV, TV is becoming entertainment tool, the elderly and children and tablets appear after the main use of TV people only have the old man left. At present in Beijing television machine has dropped to 30% . And keep the TV sales rose is to get married and move the adornment of the sitting room function, once people realize that TV is useless things, traditional TV going to decline rapidly.

although there is an upward trend in domestic sales of LCD TV still, 2013 even a super growth in the first half of the year. But in the 5 energy saving policy due to appear at the end of a rush, after he 6 month sales fell the bluffs overlooking type. Year-on-year growth rate by 5 60.9% to 16.0% . Sales in the second half of the year is expected to flat with the same period of last year, the traditional television companies need to create new sources of growth.

if you continue to screen (even 4 k high-definition television), and 3 d direction on the one hand the thinking subject to sources (like family refrigerator popularity drives the Coca-Cola sales) and raw material supply of liquid crystal screen, on the one hand the burn hardware competition will drive costs and prices rose ( 4 k the price of TV in yuan), once in the response to the price will also shift in the supply and demand curve, not necessarily can create profit growth. Relatively Internet TV for traditional TV industry at present is the evolution of a better direction.

but this assumption, there are some problems: used tablet and mobile phone and other handheld mobile devices after why users need more step push operation, then the house looking for remote control. Any remote control operation experience is inferior to other handheld devices experience of touch screen (even if by mobile phone APP inheritance function still increase mobile phone remote control operation steps). If users increase the operating aim is just to enjoy better audio-visual experience, compete the key still lies in the hardware? The emergence of the Internet TV for traditional TV short life on earth is still really can open up a piece of blue ocean?

2. system ?

Duan Youqiao thinks that although the PC ( Web side) once occupied website 90% more traffic, but recently the mobile end flow has begun and PC flow flat, so PC sooner or later will die in the family, the future of the family environment is the world of handheld devices and the Internet TV all the time.

this is very interesting, because even in the first industrial revolution in the past 250 today for many years, the society still exists to promote “just riveting steamed” (barrel, riveting technology, steam power, rigid suspension) of steampunk. Desktop PC is a hardware is open platform, not only fit m of DIY spirit, and the gap with a handheld device is not to tube transistor and the integrated circuit the generation gap.

system ( Home Theatre Personal Computer , home theater PC) concept proposed hasn’t accepted by the public for many years. Now look back at the Internet TV have put forward the concept of home theater computer not only can do it, and do better.

system first can access any online video resources, can be used easily break through the regulation of the world’s best online video service, via HDMI line implementation with screen output on TV. The remote control can do, wireless keyboard can cooperate with local hotkey global hotkeys can do it faster and easier.

second, for local video can choose playback tools, decoding, filters, some personalized custom functions (such as load plugins subtitles and fun at the same time barrage of double caption function).

the high-end home theater PC can also add NAS ( the Network Attached Storage ) to implement 10 t cloud more than family. Tablet computers, smart phones and laptops can be implemented to authorized access “cloud file”, also can accomplish remote control file download bandwidth (go out in the outside also can use home create download task), can even through camera builds curtilage yu fire alarm system monitoring and control system.

home theater support 7.1 surrounding system or nondestructive digital audio output ( SPDIF ), to the local file system for personalized classification, sorting, archiving, with powerful game function.

only wins in learning cost and the hardware cost of the Internet TV will also face system and the demand of smartphone tablet two attack (similar to the card machine status, between SLR and cell phone camera, living space increasingly narrow).

of course for the traditional TV makers, as long as you control the expansion of smart handheld devices, who would break out of the two is the victory of their, Internet TV this treasure as well.

3 and platform wars: iQIYI ambitions

love in the recent years on the rise in influence, buy PPS has to hold the position of the second network video industry. For the next step how to youku tudou overtake, iQIYI seems also does not intend to continue to fight until (voice of fans: the point, is in the front of five corners).

the Internet TV layout, iQIYI compared with other several video sites already occupy a favorable position: