IPO, Twitter global expansion of two “dashan”

on Wednesday at Twitter pre-ipo route of “meeting” on, Twitter problem of “internationalization operation” has become the focus of the participants.

according to the statistics data show that the local user accounts for only 25% of the total users of Twitter, but it is a quarter of the market as the Twitter brings about 75% of advertising revenues. For the young social networking sites, IPO is both an opportunity but also a test. For the simple reason that the IPO is the premise of “internationalization”, and Twitter in the process of global expansion faces the user activity is limited, cannot cash embarrassing.

widely valued Twitter media, user activity presents obvious paroxysmal

analysts believe that Twitter while abroad has a large user base, but the user activity is limited. The spontaneous user growth is greater than the market promotion and other means to get to the user. This creates a problem, many users use Twitter as a mere timeliness strong media, people just at the time of sudden incidents or mass incidents, select login Twitter account. In other words, the degree of active Twitter users paroxysmal present a clear stage. Such as the “Arab spring” (Tunisia fire events) and the earthquake in Japan in 2011, many people choose to log in Twitter in order to get the “first hand” information.

despite the large number of overseas customers, but the user scale is converted to attract advertisers ability is not strong

if we will present the Twitter and listed on the eve of the Facebook do for more than a word, we will find that both have in common, and there is a big difference. Similarities, the two most users are outside the United States. When Facebook overseas ((American)) on active users accounted for 80% of global monthly active users, and now Twitter overseas (us) in active number of users to 179 million, accounted for 77% of the world on the number of active users. However, the Facebook profits accounted for half of the total revenue from overseas (50%), and now Twitter proceeds from outside the United States is only a quarter of the total revenue is strong (26%).

it is clear that the same as a social networking site, Facebook in front of the public to be more mature. As the Altimeter Group, a partner at Charlene Li puts it: “Twitter listed the road full of thorns. It needs a growing new users, and let the user more actively involved in the interaction of Twitter. In addition, Twitter and according to different countries and regions, users of the market, take different marketing strategy.”

Twitter in Japan and South Korea and other Asian countries development clearly exemplifies the above two questions

although Twitter as promotion strategy adopted in South Korea and the United States, invite celebrities to join Twitter, in order to bring more new user registration, but it did not have the desired effect. Since August of this year, Twitter south Korean mobile phone users monthly account login rate fell by 1.5% (down to 10.3% from 11.8% in January). By contrast, Facebook users utilization rate rose to 44.4% in South Korea.

not only such, analysts found that south Korean users in the use of Twitter, paroxysmal obviously. In the past six months, 720 South Korea’s Twitter account, there are more than 6 into account has not been landed on. Seoul national university professor Chang Dukjin pointed out: “Twitter users in South Korea has already reached saturation”.

meanwhile, the development of Twitter in Japan is not smooth. It is understood that there are more than 30% of Japanese Internet users choose to use Twitter, the proportion was even higher than that of the United States to get to the Internet users. And Japan or Twitter first try to promote one of the advertising market. In 2008, Twitter has in the form of a banner in the Japanese Twitter page on the left side of the publishing companies such as panasonic, SONY, Toyota promotional ads. However, the advertisers will soon lose interest in Twitter. Some Japanese advertising agency analysis of the above phenomenon, mainly due to Twitter was not for advertisers to provide feedback data for advertising. In 2013, Twitter officially closed banners in Japan.

as a rush of Twitter, how to deal with the user scale and attract advertisers problem is very important. On the one hand, Twitter attention to social and cultural differences between different users, such as the Japanese don’t like to see myself let strangers too much information, and the principle that the Brazilian more open, etc. Twitter in the expansion of overseas, on the other hand, also faces imitators (weibo), IM application Kakao Talk (South Korea) and other powerful competitors. In addition, the sheer scale of how users into attract advertisers capital is also a priority.