IPhone large error “activate” user or loss of data

on October 6, midday news dispatch of sina science and technology, many weibo users reflect today, your iPhone “activate” error message. Sina science and technology of China asked apple customer service staff, the above problem because iOS 7 developers system collapse caused by the server. The affected users are basically adopt iOS 7 developers version of the user.

apple customer service staff, said Chinese users need to activate the device, but if the user does not have previously been file backup, photos, text messages, contacts, etc of the iPhone could be lost.

the company will be in “activation” error prompt, inform the user the equipment has not been registered “iPhone developer program. If the use is a member of the “iPhone developer” project plan, go to the website developer to register.

however, for many users, they are not a member of the iPhone developer program. They receive a tip like this, because they in 7 system prior to the release of the official version of the iOS, try the iOS 7 beta system ahead of time.

a lot of iOS 7 beta system is provided by a third party web site to download, but apple customer service staff to the dispatch of sina science and technology China emphasized that for the average Chinese users, the company did not provide a test version, the third party to provide a beta version of system, the company does not recognize.

“activate” error message is the iPhone temporarily unable to normal use, users need to reactivate.

due to the many users of the iPhone model and system version is not the same, Chinese apple customer service staff advice before activation, call the company customer service hotline, in order to get the correct activation technical support services.

apple China customer support phone number is: 400-627-2273.

according to the apple customer service staff, in the many users now. Sina microblog (90.48, 4.07, 4.71%) also has a lot of netizens reflect similar problems.

what need reminds is, the user needs to upgrade to the latest iTunes software, before the activation and activation step by step according to the tutorial. Specific tutorial can have a look at apple’s official website: iTunes: restore iOS software.

the personnel of the service, said activation may be an error in the process of problem again, please timely feedback to them.

there is also a net friend give locked released online. Locked the netizens can try according to the following solutions:

1, at the same time hold down the Home button, and the power button turn off the phone.

2, hold down the Home button for 5 seconds after insert the cable, screen display links into recovery mode after iTunes logo, according to the prompt to download the latest version of iTunes resumed operating system installation.