IOS project “boss” Henri Lamiraux retired from the company

according to foreign media reports, science and technology of the competent apple iOS operating system engineering vice President Henri Lamiraux resigned from the company. The former as the father of the iOS Scott foster the most loyal “comrades”, witnessed the advent of the first generation of the iPhone, and apple painstakingly for 23 years.

the confirmed departure. In the mail, he said he has left the company for several weeks. In addition, we are in, also saw the word “retirement”.

Lamiraux since 1990 to join the company, start from the bottom of the Mac software engineer position, because of outstanding performance, promotion way always. Lamiraux joined the iOS team in 2005, witnessed the iPhone from the start, the product research and development work to change the world.

sources, Lamiraux within apple’s total, because he had dabbled in almost all iOS development work. He not only in charge of the iOS application development and the improvement of system function, and is responsible for the maintenance and release of the system. Lamiraux, meanwhile, also manages the iOS operating system framework, so that the developers for the application of iOS development diversity.

in addition, the report also pointed out that although the apple senior vice President of Craig federico ji (Craig Federighi) master all the affairs of the iOS and OS X, can be inside the apple Lamiraux still seen as iOS’s actual blame others.

apple so far have not comment on the news, we don’t know who will replace Lamiraux position. However, the “general”, who retired, is a great loss to apple giant.

by the way, sources, apple has started the development of the next-generation iOS and OS X. It is understood that a new generation of iOS (iOS) in addition to will have a more complete map of apple, for M7 coprocessor integrating better software. On the other hand the next generation of OS X (code-named Syrah) user interface will be substantial redesign.