Investment Banks in the United States: Chinese manufacturers dominate the Android expansion, growth difficulties for samsung

according to the U.S. investment bank Needham Charlie Wolf, an analyst at , the vigorous development of the android market will no longer be guided only by the industry’s giants, China’s many small manufacturer also little fame because of its low price let android territory expansion.

Wolf cites “fortune” magazine recently a report, he pointed out that in the android market, samsung’s market share has stalled at 40% .

since last year, unknown android manufacturers began eating into our market share, a year, only then from % 25% than become .

Wolf , a large part of these unknown android manufacturer located in China. By offering cheap low-end android cut into the market. The price of the low-end phones than high function machine, and many users actually carry them as just “smartphones” as a function of android machine use.

from the current smartphone market dynamic, we can see:

samsung Samsung

it is obvious that as its market is near saturation point, samsung, it is learned helplessness in apple for a long time. Overall, samsung’s smartphone sales are increasing, but the growth rate of slow already gone leading situation. At the same time, samsung in the high-end smartphone market demand has also tend to be saturated.



from Microsoft tried to contact the rookies of smartphones, open up a piece of heaven and earth in the low-end market. The previous section, Microsoft had launched a $150 smartphone, the industry have been amazing. Can after all the enemy but better.i cheaper smartphones. have to say, facing the unknown small vendors super cheap android mobile, Microsoft is the industry leader does not cater to any good.

in fact, the expanding of the android market also have hidden bubble component. There are always some people carry android only as a function of machine use. Unless Google can find ways to make these people also began to learn to download application, surf the web, or companies hard to win these users carefully seems to value is not big.

apple Apple

for apple has always been “high-end domineering grade”, in the face of an increasingly saturated market, it also can launch a price a little people, but how also not the lower part of the iPhone . With apple’s positioning, it is impossible to enter the low-end market, therefore, apple is likely to move with its low prices iPhone cracks in seeking the way of existence.