Investigation shows that programmers 1/5 time in waiting

if you think that software engineers will be all the time spent on clever algorithms and amazing graphics routines, and then convert these into elegant and compact code, then you are wrong.

according to Electric, according to a report of the data Cloud developers to nearly 20% of the time may be spent on… “Such as” : the code compilation is complete; Such as testing process run; And other colleagues to help them buy coke and snacks…

of course, the last one is funny. However, from Electric Cloud survey showed that indeed software engineers to spend time on “wait”, in line with the “brain storm and cooperation” (pictured).

natural, waiting in a variety of forms, some programmers will use of waiting time planning the next project or fix bugs, specific situation is different from person to person. But in any case, really spent on pure waiting time, are believed to be less than the survey results.

“the result let me surprised” Electric Cloud marketing director Ashish Kuthiala said, “when I do a software engineer, there are a lot of time for the meeting and I would rather take programming. The meeting wasted me a lot of time. But I did not realize that the engineer is waiting for the test and build complete, also waste a lot of time.”

Electric Cloud is in accepting Intuit, samsung, and the customers such as GE, to begin to do the survey last month. The company always complain that its engineers developing schedule is not in line with expectations.

“software engineers can be said to be the customer’s most valuable resource, so they are very care about whether the programmer in the best and efficient work as much as possible.” Kuthiala said.

Electric Cloud in LinkedIn engineer team and in the BBS often fill in the questionnaire, to participate in the activities of Kindle lottery. So far, they received almost 1200 engineer feedback, the staff involved in the survey can choose to name and company.

“investigation can not only show that most software engineers time to, at the same time also can be used as a benchmark, is used to measure whether the programmer has reached the average level.”


if there are ways to reduce or even avoid wait for things to happen? It can be said that as long as there is to compile and test time delay, the software engineer will have an excuse. And sure enough, Electric Cloud also launched a service, through the test and deploy code process automation, reduce waiting time for programmers as much as possible. At present some open source software provides a similar function.

source: netease