Inventory the current several big mainstream mobile video applications of different development road

according to the Internet society of China mobile Internet working committee officials disclosed that in the first half of this year, our country 3 g user 3.2 , year-on-year growth 81%, the total number of mobile Internet users more than . the rapid increase in the number of mobile Internet drive the related industrial economic rapid development, mobile video is one of the prominent product.

according to CNNIC published 32 times China Internet development statistics report shows: by the end of June 2013, China’s mobile phone online watch or download the video on the number of Internet users is 160 million, compared with the end of 2012 rose by 25.36 million, mobile video in the mobile Internet users in the utilization rate of 34.4%. The growth of the mobile video and the popularity of the expansion of 3 g users, WiFi, mobile equipment hardware and mobile video client constantly optimize the ascension.

recently, by iQIYI PPS block caused by the 360 film “hotlinking” mobile video game 1 many in the industry attention. Mobile video on mobile phones and tablets, occupying the important status in these two pieces of screen mobile application distribution platform peas on September 12, first launched its video search products, September 16, 360 in the film and TV mobile phone APP line will also be meeting, if coupled with the original video, iQIYI baidu, sohu video as well as the optimal soil series, including fashion, storm video, mobile video, there is the phenomenon of “baihua schools of thought contend”. So, how did they do the differentiation competition?

the following for baidu mobile assistant, pea pods, 91 assistant 360 mobile phone assistant and so on several big popular mobile application distribution platform, mobile video downloads more product analysis.


baidu map + hd + reading

after the acquisition of PPS, baidu baidu has the love on the video in the two pole “artillery” and PPS, baidu has three app on mobile video, baidu video, in the love and PPS, more than any other series in the layout of the mobile video, and these three products in the major application distribution platform on the downloads are not weak, together, is the industry’s first. Shelf pull big is, of course, it’s no use, for users, the advantage of the products is one of the key points.

among them, baidu video gives prominence to the radar advantage is its function. After users to download applications can choose to open the radar functions, after open the radar options, click on the scan, like “mine” can sweep to nearby people have seen the video, then can select map mode and list, view the video of nearby people, say simple point is like sharing, others have seen video, users can choose to watch online, also can choose the offline download, including love, art also has this feature, its main advantage is baidu map.

love in the outstanding advantage is high definition. Relative to PC a lot of UGC community is not clear of the video, the video on mobile if you have high definition function, the user experience will be a big improvement. Original mobile video on the screen is limited, if not clear, the user is only choice in another application.

the outstanding advantage of PPS is read access functions. PPS in the sidebar to the function of reading, the user can watch the video on the application, not only can watch popular books, its access is baidu (cool) content. Looks like fusion between PPS and baidu or faster, reading and video together, also can yet be regarded as a good method to fusion.

optimal soil series: across the screen after drama

youku and tudou combined for more than a year, in the UGC mode this road, it was a great success. Including many celebrities and the media are in optimal soil above have their own column, even some people think that it is the media under a way out.

single for mobile terminal, optimal soil on video function and characteristic, its main function is to “across the screen after drama”, namely to the user via cell phone APP optimal soil, sweep the computer video at the bottom of the qr code can watch without watching the video on the computer.

tencent: exclusive + pure player

although tencent in the field of video has been tepid, but its own vast resources for tencent video also bring a lot of traffic. It is reported, tencent is rolling out its short video called “micro” products, the application supports users to share a short video to WeChat circle of friends, combined WeChat and tencent video, tencent is also will be a lot in the field of mobile video capabilities.

, Beijing times reported by tencent video and summer big drama “lanling king” cooperation, adopts the tech-oriented window way to reach 6 day play amount breakthrough proud record, that taste of tencent will not give up using the entire network run in the field of mobile video capturing territory. Tencent video also access to the Disney movie resources, one of the Hollywood member can only be free to watch the movie resources members, is it also a good way to liquidate.

another mobile video application of tencent is pure – QQ video player. Is a simple player, users scan their phone video can be watched through QQ video, interface is very simple. This pure player in nokia era, when confined to the traffic restrictions, such as pure player is very popular at the time. But with the popularity of the development of 3 g and wifi, users won’t download then basically played by other players. , of course, are watching video online in many applications in the application of an offline to see, also can show their own special. In places where traffic or “Grosvenor LTD shuai”, this kind of “small but beautiful” players are very practical.

sohu: homemade + news client

sohu entertainment genes than other technology companies could easily, at least, is no technology company CEO can take the lead in what fashion conference with star power, while the including li, ma, ding almost never “publicity” in this situation, a CEO of genes for the company’s influence is very big.

sohu video may hear voice in the near future will be, as China’s good voice “climax”, choose the exclusive cooperation sohu video in the “account for a lot of light”. Sohu video from drama “prick silk man 2” after the games, according to the statistics show, “the dream silk man 2” in the first quarter has the highest single episode number more than 30 million, total 6 sets the total amount of more than 100 million, its itself as a way of using self-made drama won a lot of bright spots.

sohu client in several big news client downloads are top, sohu video combines news client, directly add the related content in the news, and video section, in the news in the client for sohu video has brought a lot of traffic.

fast sowing: radar + + live each other

“fast – our all-around player”, this is a quick introduction. Fast was once known as light artifact, want to watch porn, a seeding can quickly. Mobile terminal fast speed is not weak, in each big mobile application distribution platform, fast downloads is also very big, the PC has the resources and itself is inseparable, mobile end it, of course, also have their own “artifact” place.

in the sidebar, mainly include radar, each other, live three big functions. Function of radar and radar function similar to baidu, the user scans can sweep into the nearby people browsing history, watching a movie and can download to watch online and offline, what difference is that it sweep to the number of users, there were fewer than baidu and sweep to the video is relatively fewer in number. Each function, the use of a network share each other with each other. Fast’s most distinctive is its live broadcast function, namely “and popular beauty anchorwoman real interaction”, after the user login, can undertake online interaction with the host.

storm video: speed transmission piece + desktop widget

storm video what impressed me most is the time when the university, the teacher will take copy good movies to multimedia teaching room, and then use the storm video playback, and online video sites such as youku, potatoes, then early rise. Because the storm video decision-making mistakes, missed the best time to its online video, which is more than competitors entered three years later, in the rapid development of Internet industry, three years of some products in a crop, such as the websites.

storm video on mobile video mainly has two prominent features, is a rapid spread. Use with the storm video each other at the same time, both can also download the opponent to get the video, it claims “at 100 times faster than bluetooth transmission, no traffic”. Another big feature is desktop widgets, choose in the widgets to the desktop window “storm video”, namely “the storm a daily” function.

of course, but also popular, Letv film and television, PPTV cohesion, etc., the author not analyzed one by one. From the perspective on the overall layout, baidu is the biggest, shelf reading function, PPS users can automatically upload, love in the hd content, baidu video radar functions, is provides a good platform for it. Optimal soil in Shanghai to be lack of fusion, the author on potato APP scans youku cannot identify, somehow you is also a “family” now, can’t say “two words”? Sons were born more than a year, even have a qr code haven’t merge. Tencent if and micro letter and mobile phone QQ get through, its power to be reckoned with. Sohu homemade drama is opened, but the mobile Internet is a multi-party cooperation platform, sohu video also need to have other products and to occupy the commanding heights of fusion. If development of good fast broadcast live function, its earnings direction should be the most clear, after all, the Wolf more online. As for storm video itself in terms of online video started late, both in product function and characteristics of its own needs further perfection.

throughout the mobile video applications market, unless is its unique content, under the same video content, product unique function is one of the highlights. Summing up the above several popular mobile video applications will find that which should have several functions: (1) and map integration. And map product integration, combined with the function of the nearby people; (2) screen and more. Which can be combined with PC, mobile end, through the qr code or any other function can synchronization; (3) interactive features. User interaction between the user, can let A and B and convenient transfer; (4). Embedded live function, which is equivalent to a television screen, the user can directly on demand related channels; (5) the UGC. A feature of the mobile Internet is important is the social attribute, social attribute of the mobile video is embodied in the spread of the users for their own video, mobile phones can be easily taken out of a video, put it on the Internet to communicate with others, it will be easier than the transfer of a PC video aspect, mobile video upload function is necessary article. (6) platform for cooperation. The combinative oneself can have all the resources of for mobile video building brands and flow, all platforms seamless access. Of course, is also an important part of content, although it is more money, but the competition is so big, you don’t do content, someone to do the content, “not enough”, you don’t want to eat, others if possible.

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