Inventory: massive open online courses are global rise

recently, European countries is becoming more and more interested in MOOC forms of online education.

MOOC, called the English Massive Open Online Courses, translated into Massive Open Online Courses. Is a kind of targeted on the mass online classroom, people can through the network to learn online class. MOOC is the latest development of distance education, it is a form of open education resources and development. Its design and class participation, similar to the college and university classroom, but generally do not like paying students required credits. Even so, the study is likely to be reward through certificate to prove.

actually, MOOC model already exists in the United States. The current scale and certain well-knownness Coursera and Udacity, EdX online education platform, etc. Meanwhile, the European MOOC also has begun to “off”.

is one of the startup. It is understood that the company was established in 2011, the founder of including Hannes Kl? Pper, Jonas Liepmann. The new CEO Markus Riecke announced yesterday that currently has more than 115000 students took part in the company’s first online course registration. The total number of such courses as many as 24, covers the design, engineering, chemistry, financial, administrative, and creative writing, etc.

so far, the European MOOC education platform, at least six, Iversity and respectively. MOOC biggest characteristic is not restricted by geographical, cultural, all platforms can compete with the world within the scope of the “rival”.

as a MOOC Coursera, one of the “troika”, is by Stanford university professor of computer science Wu En and daphne koller combined to create a for-profit education technology company. So far, Coursera already and more than 80 education institutions or European institutions of higher learning to cooperate and provide students with 460 and belong to 13 different languages (mainly English), of course, the online education courses.

meanwhile, Iversity hired from Europe and the United States institutions of higher learning, a professor of 14 use English teaching course for students and 10 German teaching course. It is interesting to note that The registration is The most active is a called “The story of The Future” (The Future of Storytelling) courses. This course consists of Potsdam university professor of applied science instruction, registration is now more than 17000 people. After it is formed by the German school management professor of Humboldt falk guidance of “public privacy: network security and human rights” courses (registration number is 16000).

for trying MOOC students, they are either in order to find a cheap and can learn professional skill platform, either pure is in order to develop their own vision and thinking. So for those who teach the teachers of the course and what does that mean? One of the founders of Iversity of Hannes Kl? Pper said: “they (the teachers) are a group full of idealism and curiosity of people, although they also want to be able to be known by public, but they did not join this platform for the money. Because there is no money to be made here.”

don’t have the money to be made? Why is that? The answer is simple, Iversity’s current all courses are free of charge. But Kl? Pper also said that as the platform further mature, they will also consider to establish a reasonable business model. Now, the profit pattern of MOOC platform is mainly to the students hope to obtain the professional certificate authentication, charge a fee. Of course the above certificate is not to spend money can buy, exam, students need to pass to partner schools campus to get certified.

Iversity management hope by the end of 2014, to more than 100 MOOC courses and 1 million registered students. At present, they are demand a new round of financing. After the company has from T – Venture investors obtain financing, etc.