Inventory global hand getting local tyrants in the Middle East Thailand gambling wonderful work habits

this paper disclosures from chatting with tour industry hand many practitioners. Maybe this article for the weekend in a relaxed state of reading, but for wondering overseas domestic hand swim developers, do as the Romans do, know the player’s behavior under different cultural background, will help you to pry open the other side of the purse.

keywords: Japan collection point

Japan has deep game culture and the development foundation. The latest report shows Japan hand play home spending per month in hand swim for 3000 yen (about 200 yuan). Young people life stress due to the environment, the Japanese tend to get relief from entertainment games aspects. They tend to download a game at the same time, conveniently is a cost to the game, they don’t mind spending on the game, and that is like the game to spend money is a matter of course.

they have a passion for network card card, of course, everyone is collecting control, which may explain why “million king Arthur” flat in China, while in Japan have to open the floodgates of fire.

Russia tablet game players

App Annie related data show that Russia this magical land, tablet and smart phone usage with global data in different ways. Players more likely to choose playing games on tablet, tablet game downloads download rates far higher than smartphones. Nordic conditions, it is not hard to guess, cold climate, created the Russian big burly figure, let them in small smartphone screen up to play a game, will not torture them. This reminds me of the “big” foreign teachers in the university, ferial drink mineral water is 1.5 L, in your hands, with 550 ml water we drink is a concept.

in addition, the CEO of Tap4Fun also told the game the teahouse, the Russian player behavior very similar with Chinese players, so the CP, I want to be flat game development first consider Russia this huge market potential.

key words: in the Middle East is not according to normal play local tyrants

popular is the habit of players in the Middle East, the region of the local tyrants, interest is to buy a sports car, few people put a lot of time in mobile games in this direction. But the game the teahouse is learned from a large number of CP information, the Middle East markets usually let them catch’t fathom, opaque rules in refs. Because there is no regular ARpu value data always let them after the moon, and with infinite confusion. Occasionally data steep are incredibly high. CY I guess, it can be money, they occasionally encountered several local tyrants, collective convulsions suddenly went to the game to hit the number of ten thousand pieces, taste fresh. A card casual games CP also mentioned that MENA market with 300000 concurrent users and 11.8 million active users, and in the future there is great potential for climbing, in addition has the social elements of multiplayer is absolutely the most local tyrants liking!

South Korea keywords: speed fast

South Korea and Japan’s mature urban infrastructure hand swim into the inseparable part of people’s life. Their speed has been upgraded to the 4 g +, WIFI everywhere, become the ideal game space in public places. South Korea LTE speed per 150 m, is the speed of three times. Smartphone penetration rate of 65%, no wonder every time the south Korean friends to come to China, will complain about China’s slow network. This also no wonder, just think, you will easily in the WIFI environment, download a 200 m’s game?

Brazil, India, key words: high downloads, poor pay