Inventory express enterprises make electricity: shentong “back from the dead”

about since this time last year, as the electronic commerce industry downstream industry chain of express industry since last year have played crossover, try the sea water and electricity. After more than a year of development, express electric business going? Hunting cloud network inventory express industry at present, the status quo into electricity.

shentong “dead resurrected”

in May 2012, shentong into electricity business news begins to flow. Shentong express delivery market director Xia Zubin first revealed the project. “Love to buy network super” ( officially launched in the end of July.

, according to a report in the public “love to buy network super” website localization model similar to no. 1 shop, the main food, daily chemical goods, department stores and small home appliance is complementary. At that time, the relevant person in charge of shentong express delivery has said it will make markets in zhejiang province, and then enter the other provinces.

to “love to buy network”, the first phase investment of nearly 50 million yuan, never in the same industry more than 100 elite art team dug a new company. But the website operation for 2 months alone, announced the closure of was registered.

XiChunYang response to love to buy network super collapse, said at the beginning of the online feel categories too miscellaneous, indeed problems after online, so determined to stop adjustment. As for the electricity business in this direction, shentong didn’t give up, ongoing adjustment category, want to go fine line. Also XiChunYang said, as to love to buy network when super “resurrection”, no timetable.

although XiChunYang verbally said “electricity traders raised no timetable, but recently, hunting, cloud network survey by shentong early form another new website” quietly “to start again in the form of electricity.

all delicious ( is affiliated with henan shentong, now is a main fruit sales of e-commerce sites. Hunting cloud network survey found that in fact all delicious early in June last year to start low key operation, the name of all superior products, the concept of the main clothing and home sale mall. Because there is no exposure in the industry, so this website is not known by the industry. After a year of testing the waters, all give priority to dozen of fruit optimal product has completely thorough transformation of e-commerce sites, and changed its name to all good.

now all delicious main service scope is zhengzhou city. Shentong electrical business dream.

motion and devises

the optimal motion ( on May 31, is launched last year. Existing more than 7000 kinds of goods, 85% of whom are imported foods, including fresh, drinks, leisure snacks, cereals, oils and fushi, nutrition, health care products, maternal and child supplies, etc.

in March of this year, “the optimal motion” opened in wuhan, tianjin, hangzhou, nanjing, suzhou 5 normal goods distribution business. And earlier this year has been the opening of the Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen 4 normal temperature food distribution business, the optimization of motion “normal” commodity radiating surface has been covered more than nine cities.

as along abundant express industry leader, why to also want to and electricity companies rob your job?

the fresh food as motion into electricity, the group vice President of motion dongi lee explained the other clothing, household appliances and other fields has been the red sea, in contrast, food fresh fields, because of the temperature control of distribution link of warehousing, transportation equipment demand is higher, cold chain transport investment is more big, it is blue ocean.

dongi lee revealed that 80% of optimization on goods from overseas, 20% is preferred products in China. Overseas business cost not too much burden on the motion, but reduces the original motion returned from abroad aircraft belly space empty tank rate.

the personage inside course of study thinks, along abundant express into food electricity is actually designed’s sake, is meant to expand their width in the field of logistics, fresh cold chain distribution. S.f is according to the optimization distribution of temperature control experience, in the shenzhen investment supervision, cold storage, to provide suitable abundant speed luck and other electricity temperature distribution services. Thus, suitable abundant fresh food distribution business has expanded to other electric companies. Dongi lee said, in fact, at present already in motion for another appliance merchant fresh food distribution.

yuantong played the outsourcing

the shentong motion into electricity, yuantong unwilling lonely nature. However, and both personally before launching, yuantong played the outsourcing.

in February, yuantong announced the electricity business service platform, yuantong neosaurus website version enabled the domain name online. Yuantong neosaurus Shanghai warehouse in April 2013 issue of formally put into use, the area of the three storage a total of 12000 square meters. Before this, yuantong has 72000 square meters of storage resources across the country. It is reported, by the end of 2013, yuantong neosaurus will finish in the warehouse layout.

yuantong neosaurus at present the main business includes two pieces, namely the electronic commerce operation integration services and warehousing and distribution services.

yuantong neosaurus tsunami, the general manager of our company in Shanghai said the media “is different from other express company sells things on site, we focus on providing customers with one-stop service of electronic commerce, the core is the warehouse with a body.

“the so-called” one-stop “work style service, is to use yuantong neosaurus currently in nationwide distribution of storage resources, and yuantong express between seamless docking. Really try to match “warehouse” and “e-commerce” form a complete, seamless chain, thus reducing the customer’s logistics costs, to provide a better service.”

neosaurus direct ( is the yuantong’s direct type of e-commerce sites, hunting cloud network query its traffic, at present only every day thousands of IP.

industry review

the cic advisory, a senior researcher at grace hin said, express industry profit is declining, relying on the advantage of warehousing and express delivery, borrow electricity coat to transform problems than the electricity, industrial structure adjustment easier.

“express in the position of the pyramid of logistics industry, from the development history, the international express delivery of professional Courier companies to the comprehensive logistics, and further to the supply chain is the trend of the development of the industry. Fedex, TNT is currently in the stage of comprehensive logistics, UPS and DHL has entered the stage of the supply chain. Domestic express delivery company has already started in this direction, the motion has entered the food distribution, project logistics area, the extend in the direction of integrated logistics. Under the condition of the market competition more intense, but also need time.”

management school of fudan university yue-jun tang analysis thinks, “if I can do to express enterprise electricity skeptical.” Yue-jun tang said that electricity is upstream of the express industry, the threshold is relatively high, express delivery companies have no experience in this field and talent, it will be too many difficulties, “but in terms of the present situation, and electrical business profitability is not high, the development foreground is not optimistic, Courier companies will rush into, really need to think clearly.”

express consulting experts xu says, “the development of a logistics company to the level of the supply chain should be of the highest. Foreign express company, founded by various professional subsidiary or division of extension to expand industrial chain, in the form of diversification and specialization. Focused on a platform to do diversity is often not good.”

most of the personage inside course of study thinks, at present still bad judgment express into electricity business prospects how, also need time to observe. But sure, express delivery enterprises constantly adjust strategy is proved that the electricity is not so good.