Into the country? Firefox OS contest will be held in the domestic application

shine on non Firefox OS, hope to rely on HTML 5 technology to build a new mobile operating system. Although using HTML 5 technology is easier to make application platform, but the construction of ecosystem is very important.

at present, the cloud network found hunting in Firefox Marketplace already see Wikipedia, Twitter and other heavyweight application log in Firefox OS platform, but the application number with iOS and Android platform application of Shanghai quantity cannot match. But the Firefox OS operating system did not enter the home, so there is no application for domestic users.

but according to internal documents show cloud network for hunting, Mozilla in domestic company wholly owned by Mozilla Firefox OS application of network is preparing for domestic developers contest. Activity is expected to may and June, development and submit the time for the summer. Developers can according to the development of official documents and video applications development.

through competition encourage developers to application development is the method with commonly used operating system. Although Firefox OS the first partner ZTE and TCL are from China, but the system did not enter the domestic at present. Considering the Firefox OS mid-range positioning, Mozilla will not pass the domestic market. And China unicom as operators have also joined the Firefox OS camp, waiting for the domestic mature operating system of ecological system, into the country is a natural thing.