Interpretation of doing the deep reasons of the failure

since release, has been flagging Windows 8. Now, according to a survey of its market share has also not much-maligned Windows Vista. Doing really is because “without merit” and “rejected” by the market? Before to explore this problem, first let’s take a look at the specific data:

according to, according to a list of the PC market share in May, doing share of 4.27%, the fourth column. The Numbers behind 44.85% of the 44.85% of Windows 7 and Windows XP. The most unacceptable is that it still lags behind that of WinVista (4.51%).

many people attribute the poor performance of Windows 8 to its interface design “do not please painfully”. But the truth is not so simple. Personally, I think it is mainly to the following three reasons:

first, a new operating system will often because of ignoring the user some subtle psychological factors, and lead to the failure of the great . Doing to change the starting point of interface design should be good, big flat color piece design style also highlights the “hug” move the courage and determination of The Times. However, Microsoft has neglected the user mental habits. PC huge user base is a “double-edged sword”, on the one hand, it has laid a solid foundation for the development of the company, but on the other hand, the user for a long time to form the concept of “psychological pattern” and “pre-conceived”, there is always to some extent to the “rebel” form emotional conflicts. Accustomed to the Windows before style, user is difficult to accept doing “mobile style”. Therefore its failure is understandable. As the saying goes, every big easy “egg”, it is for this reason.

second, with the advent of the era of mobile Internet, the PC industry obviously became “old news”. some people even predicted that tablets will replace PCS. Hardware configuration of the difference is more and more small, hard and software on Windows have rule two Microsoft, the world will have to face the fact that a shrinking market. Therefore, the objective market eroded, is doing market share fell for another reason.


, local application such as Microsoft Office performance of saturation is also one of the reasons. , imagine if a lot of business communication and financial management can be done through the Office 2007 beautifully, so who will go to upgrade to the new version? And the large web applications such as Google, Facebook is destroying users to upgrade system, and the psychological motivation of hardware. Web-based application, experience from on high and low version of the system are almost consistent.

above all, estimates have been thoroughly down Wind 8 at this time, without any hope of a comeback. Some people think that Microsoft in Win8.1 recalled “start” button, actually means that Microsoft has admitted that his earlier doing is a dish of ChouQi. Once now beat red a piece of blue ocean market, Microsoft wants to make an impact in the mobile space, must set up their own “moat” reconstruction.

maybe the Microsoft fans don’t want to admit the fact that they had failed in doing, fantasizing about it and “reforming land of epigenetic” day. However, it is almost a wishful thinking. Not to mention the fact that PC will be replaced by mobile devices, is Microsoft’s own wouldn’t be looking at doing continue to “a fool”, they will put more hopes on the Win9, Win10.