Interpretation of baidu application distribution strategy: to search against App Matthew effect

the author: Meng Hong

“App monopoly is more and more serious,” said baidu application distribution, head of the high mores, Matthew effect of mobile applications (that is, the stronger the strong and the weak weaker) continues to expand, monitoring data from baidu, according to three months ago, 0.2% of the App download accounted for 70% of the traffic, and now the number has reached 78%. This law has also been more throw more far.

is obvious, although the mobile Internet is still seen as in the booming period, but based on the app store directory browsing mode, has appeared on the distribution of ability is obvious. For any after the developer, can stand out from the market threshold is higher and higher, let alone any profit.

this house is not just be noticed, the dim sum CEO zhang has told sina science and technology, the android app store rankings last year basic hasn’t changed, but “the whole industry is not a good thing”.

high mores and once even suspected that real prospects of mobile Internet, as if the industry is becoming a backwater: new applications don’t have access to the user, loss of flow is the basis of no profit. In addition to the game are facing “ischemia” problem. And along with the increase in the number of App to more than 500000, more and more new information is enclosed within the application.

the baidu to provide solutions, or old job – search. Both through the way of the search, distribution for the application; Including applications in search, by the information mining.

until march of this year, baidu mobile applications to change its name to upgrade for baidu mobile assistant. This long overdue product, belonging to baidu application distribution platform. With other Internet companies compared to release “mobile phone assistant” products, baidu’s action is really catch a late set, but speed can also be: baidu mobile assistant before the Spring Festival began to research and development.

according to introducing, baidu mobile assistant mainly consists of two parts: the android version of the client + PC suite. This seems to be little different from that with their colleagues. Qiu mores several examples, including baidu mobile assistant can provide incremental download updates, address book synchronization, there are more than baidu own service support, provide music image management, etc., but the difference is still limited.

so competitive in this market, baidu’s biggest confidence or from the control of flow rate.

in the App store mode, the new App to gain attention and need to spend money on promoting a brush list, otherwise will be submerged in the crowd the App. On the one hand, developers or promotion cost gradually tall, and on the other hand, the app store itself will also be on the model set of chains, a limited growth space limited promotion.

baidu is trying to search the channel, in accordance with user requirements to provide the corresponding App, whether from the recommendation of the cloud, or from within the local application of information mining. The high mores, points out that how to break through the App shell inside information, is applied to search and mobile phone assistant, etc. To the development of the key problems.

but with what decided that this is a breakthrough direction? Baidu given data show that in 2004 the number of domestic PC web page is about 670000, now has more than 650 million. The number of App is with the PC web pages, baidu judgment App will also appear at a faster speed. This requires a new distribution mode must be present.

appeared in the PC Internet hyperlink analysis technology, and in the field of mobile Internet, the high mores think app store mode must be changed. Baidu’s way is the best? No one can answer.

time is becoming more and more urgent, is expected to 2013 is the year of the end of the phone replacement tide, by the end of this year, baidu cited data says there will be 80% of the Chinese smartphone users. In addition, baidu began in October last year, according to data provided by the android terminal growth slowed to 10%, the same App searches up 30% growth.

further, baidu says the App downloads of mobile search last year increased by 465%. However, App search requests for more specific application or application type, range is still relatively narrow; Compared with the request of the mobile search is more has the timeliness, involving a wider closer to people’s life.

the counterparts should be aware of is that baidu doesn’t want to just as a “ferry”.

meet the integrity of the user experience, this a few word repeatedly mentioned. Requirement is from baidu executives, if users of mobile phone assistant just download the application, and the activity of the product life cycle is very low, so baidu mobile assistant should provide more with more services in the field of application management. This seems to be a natural expansion behavior.

security level, for example, in the presence of malicious deduction, such problems as shanzhai, wandered, whether it is integrated in the mobile phone assistant a security functions, or separate launched a security application? Baidu is still in a tangle.

source: sina science and technology