Internet writers saw the grand tencent More weight is given to royalties

news came yesterday, and qidian signing author “10 years of snow fall” because overfatigue sudden death. The existing situation of network writers again into our field of vision.

1 month to go out once, friends only visit once or twice a year, every day from 9 in the morning to ten at night when the code word, every day in this is perhaps most network writers. But support them so paid, is within the industry more and more famous story “great spirit”.

in the past decade, such as starting point, and vertical and horizontal Chinese platform for rendezvous, network literature, the authors have initially formed scale. But as the industry mature business model and the outbreak of the mobile reading in the past two years, the market is rapidly creating a group of high income. Network writer rich list in 2012, according to TangGuSanShao, I eat tomatoes, wild silkworm potato respectively in 33 million, 21 million, 18 million, royalties in the list of the “network writers, the top three. Issue, not guilty, south sent three tertiary income such as the great god has breakthrough the millions. The author with high popularity, high income is referred to as the “great spirit” in the industry.

as tencent, baidu strongly support network literature, beginning and a variety of preferential policies, the “great spirit” price rising, the bargaining power increase, basic job-hopping can realize double treatment. There are rumours that the Chinese team to start the starting point of creation to shady olive branch, bid at $3000 thousand words, this also means that if a month to write 100000 words, 300000 yuan is easy pickings.

these top network writer has bid farewell to the initial code word stage, the payment is only part of the existing income. Many a line network writers in the write fine at the same time, pay more attention to copyright operation. From the great god income more and more from wireless copyright, the copyright, comic book copyright. TangGuSanShao, month closing, issue all signed a deal with shanda literature writers, writers into is also a source of income.

network writer innocence to tencent technology said: before purely by word and time consuming mode has won’t work. For first-class network writer, the most important thing is to build their own external influence, will do big market, and develop more new channels. Such as TangGuSanShao, only need to write 6000 words a day, ready to copyright operation, can earn a lot.

shady spend hours writing every day. He said to tencent technology, satisfied with the current income situation preliminary, writing a book as hard. In shady view, the network literature industry at the rising stage, as more join platform, network literature channel is more and more, but great spirit is relatively scarce, it will also promote network writer income is rising.

network writer behind income soared, the value of the network literature also in refactoring, upstream of network literature as the industry chain, its resources are being used in games, film and television, listen, from many aspects, such as radio adapted for stage, even rob also let more and more enterprises. Internet writers literary creation through the network to make money, not only a more “mainstream” existence, get more and more people.

network writer, has common

network literature has a long downturn, ten years ago network writers are comply to the salary, and even early shanda literature, shanda literature CEO xiao-qiang hou (weibo) for a long time is a “combat” and baidu, pirated literature website. Internet writers rely mainly on thousand words into a few cents, life very bitter. But now the mega salary even the writers of tens of millions of annual salary has been in existence.

leaf fairies, 23 years old this year, tencent female writer, monthly income has reached 30000 yuan, the current monthly income between 40000 yuan to 100000 yuan. 5 years time, leaves the demon record income reached millions. Leaves the demon is tencent the first VIP writer, 19 years old began to write online literature, equivalent to follow the development of tencent literature coming all the way.

leaf fairies in the network literature also has a lot of coincidence, in college to play QQ, inadvertently into the original tencent platform, see others in writing a book, holding the curious attitude also write up, the first 3 months income reached the level of tens of thousands of yuan. Now leaves the demon has graduated from university, did not choose jobs, but to choose to be a freelancer – network writer’s identity to tencent feeds.

leaf fairies living very comfortable, every day, eat, sleep and code word, curtilage in the home not to go out, occasionally will finish writing a book out to travel for ten days half a month. Tencent literature there is a group of such a monthly income of tens of thousands of Internet writers. Star network writer, said himself in markets with tencent, outside the tencent obsure. Stay at tencent’s hard to write, until one day make a lot of money will be considered to make outside.

compared with innocence, fishy, goblins, star or lightweight network writer. Innocence became famous in the starting point, in 2010 to join in vertical and horizontal Chinese website, and because of the novel “the Louvre” thoroughly to break away from the qidian, nowadays innocence is one of the Chinese website capable, earning has breakthrough one million yuan over the years. “Fishy” is yichang of hubei province, reportedly royalties as high as 2.3 million yuan last year, his works have the yingxiu ten age, “the linnet”, “the night” and so on, these works made him sentiment accumulation and accumulation of wealth.

today code word is not “fishy” and the main income of innocence, “fishy” income from simplified and comic book and the third party has half of income. Incomes of innocence in the site to fees and mobile reading into charge only 40%, simplified and comic book and the third party respectively accounted for 20%. With the time development, from the website will be more and more high proportion of income.

more myth from wild silkworm potatoes, I eat tomatoes and TangGuSanShao famous writers. 23 wild silkworm explosive 08 began to write novels, the first payment is received more than 3000 yuan, has 6 million investment to the mother. I eat tomatoes 6 years in the first 800 pieces of the payment, after 3 months income, after half a year to buy a house. Mainland TangGuSanShao’s “fight” comic book form nearly tens of millions of copies in circulation.

look pale tencent, shanda literature of

tencent, baidu have to network literature river’s lake, let the network river lake subtle changes, also improve network writer. Great god heaven crane is the starting point of the mess in the first endorsed creation network writer. Sky crane to tencent technology, said the tree over the dead and live, and the original starting point of editing, they want to follow a group of people together to flee.

“we write a book to edit most, can say that our success has much to do with editing, we acquainted with editing, give him the draft, outline to give him, discuss how to write, accustomed to the editor, change again editor is a bit not used to, so the editors say hello with you.” Sky crane will join creation, though, apparently also important behind the creation of tencent’s resources.

“fishy” also can’t get rid of the river’s lake. Creation after working with tencent bid dig “fishy” thousand words 3000 yuan, a move that will no doubt make countless Internet writers. “Fishy” did not respond to this, only said it signed a contract with starting point continues, “the night” copyright will be the starting point, the platform dispute also don’t care, but he said, after the completion of the contract may be otherwise.

a person familiar with TangGuSanShao said three less fame from the starting point, the Chinese writers association and let the party committees make members by the starting point for, plus the many channels, its starting point will be stable in platform, volatility is not affected by the outside world. Innocence, according to various platforms, almost ran away for so many years, in the vertical and horizontal Chinese is very good also, change the adaptation problem that may be encountered a strange environment, temporarily not going to change.

with the already famous, has the right game compared to the great god, did not become famous some income is good network writer is more concerned with their own ranks. Star said: “we don’t position in network literature river’s lake, can focusing to make money, but to get out of here, people don’t know your name, also can’t give high price. We have been stressed out, worry about one day suddenly don’t make money doing the writing.”

leaf fairies are: constant need to writing a novel writer, the reader is very picky, once written wordy or update time delay time is too long, the reader immediately leave. If which day his lack of inspiration to write not bottom go to?

relative to the top of the pyramid in the network literature or upper writer, more at the bottom of the author only meager income, most still need another job to feed their families. If it is cool to baidu CEO Sun Zude puts it, not everyone can write novels. This also means that the fate of the industry most people will be bad.

the “tricks”, points out that network writers, the threshold is very low, so long as has the writing ability can be written, but not everyone can be engaged in this work, a lot of people may be just with interest, this does not support more long-term development, some practitioners if feel is not suitable for this industry, network literature should be turned as soon as possible, after all, any industry can earn money are in the minority.

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