Internet wars! Four big siege of 360


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recently for a period of time, the Internet and Mired in a variety of infighting, such as sogou and 360 , WeChat with easecredit, UC to tencent, of course, “ Trouble Maker 360 again was the center of various kinds of war.

9 on 20 , wang xiaochuan on weibo said received a report of a large number of users, 360 “tampering with the default sogou browser”, while 360 later issued a statement, said sogou browser bundle sogou browser to mislead users to install during the Mid-Autumn festival, 360 to intercept and help the user to return to the system default browser. After a few days, sogou and 360 with fierce spat, quickly entered the stage of litigation. Sogou announced in xi ‘an to prosecute 360 of unfair competition, and 360 is in the same charged sogou, and prosecute sogou wang xiaochuan denigrate 360 goodwill.

9 on 20 , 360 China Internet security conference, hosted by only three days time, 360 almost every half a year’s time, a lot of manpower material resources, to make the assembly high-end grade atmosphere, to establish the 360 in the domestic first security brand status. Sudden three dog suddenly consume 360 potential energy accumulation of propaganda, asing if is a gas-filled balloon full got into a nail.

9 on 23 day, tencent’s browser called 360 phone guard malicious tips browser pose a safety hazard. Released the next day, the home of drive reported 360 mobile browsers reveal that the user account password.

9 on 23 day of Internet security during the assembly, baidu security alliance said by 360 containment, threatened to quit the Internet security conference.

tencent, baidu, sogou, plus before jinshan, 4 Internet giant all stood in the 360 the opposite of pro, if you think all kinds of news emerge in endlessly, all kinds of news stemming, OK , then take a look at this a map of strategic situation, it can go to numerous for brief, the Internet advertised at a glance.

graph: tencent, baidu product line “through” 360

before four big battle, industry is the most interesting of the two big acquisitions. One is the baidu bought 91 assistant; Second, tencent shares sogou, the two big acquisitions earn enough attention in the industry. Also let the two value of China’s overseas listed company top two tencent and baidu inc., has a golden hill, sogou, 91 assistant, such as junior partner, the baidu, tencent, jinshan, sogou (BTJS) have a strong enough.

from the product end BTJS jinshan drug gangsters, tencent computer housekeeper, guard, baidu baidu antivirus killed off four products; Owns sogou browser, baidu, QQ browser, jinshan browser browser four browser products; 91 mobile phone assistant, baidu mobile phone assistant, treasure three Dan an android market, tencent application of qihoo 360 at the core of browser antivirus 360, 360 and 360 mobile phone assistant product formation.

“3 q war” BTJS group has been into shape after

three years later, the memory of many people for the “3 q war” only that “tough decisions”, actually profound impact on the Internet industry, is a joint statement of the five companies. Can say, if you don’t have five companies in the joint statement, 360 won’t throw out lethality huge bodyguard “QQ”; If there is no “QQ bodyguards” day download 2000 thousands of huge amount, ma won’t use “alternative” tough decisions. So, this five joint statement exactly?

on October 27, 2010, in order to support tencent, jinshan, baidu, tencent, circles, but cattle five companies jointly issued the “360 against unfair competition and strengthen self-discipline of the joint statement”. “Revealed 360 claims, in evil deeds, expression is firmly opposed to 360 ACTS of unfair competition, and calls for strengthening the Internet industry self-discipline, create a good environment for the healthy development of China’s Internet.”

in fact, according to the original plan, the five companies should be golden hill, baidu, tencent, travel and sogou, homicidal wang was about to do, be sohu group zhang, wang xiaochuan were forced out of five joint. As restricted gradually withdraw from the browser market, cattle merge to jinshan company (cattle people is actually the control of golden hill network CEO Fu Cheng), tencent holdings jinshan, equity sogou, the original five joint evolved into today’s including baidu, tencent, jinshan, sogou BTJS group. But their task has not changed, is still trying to kill 360.

in order to strengthen the ability of jinshan and 360 consecutive “kr”, tencent, through QQ to bind promotion of jinshan drug gangsters, even giving in to the user, upgrade the QQ farm dog food grade, and even directly send QQ COINS, send member methods such as promotion, hope that through blood transfusion of tencent QQ, jinshan drug gangsters have power with 360.

in August 2012, 360 to enter the search, baidu’s full sniper. Not only that, baidu to distribute in the mobile application on the market with 360, $1.9 billion in the form of “money” in time “day price” will be 91 wireless, the degree of its “generous”, a surprise even to help “bid” Zhou Hongyi; And tencent in 360 to give up after the sogou, decisively cut its cultivating SOSO for many years, lightning in the third seat of China’s search market. With well-known IT comments on the evaluation of xie wen, tencent in sogou, is typical of the defensive movements, the purpose is to foster sogou, 360.

it’s not hard to find, the use of strong capital advantage and strong generalization ability, baidu, tencent has teamed up with security antivirus, input method, search, instant messaging, web browser, such as the layout of the whole industry chain, and into a product line is 360.

litigation as a new commercial competition edge tool

in addition to the product line of in-fighting, giant of 360 camp also extends to emerging means such as judicial and administrative.

search products only a year was introduced in 360, baidu has launched nearly 10 lawsuit, is baidu in 360 to enter the search industry the strongest “response”; nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull