, Facebook’s great dream, or a public relations show?

according to foreign media reports ReadWrite science and technology, Facebook has six other Internet, telecommunications companies, set up a non-profit site, and aims to help the earth nearly 5 billion can’t use the Internet users, as soon as possible to experience the information highway brings the convenience of experience.

involved in the plan of the company, in addition to Facebook, include Ericsson, qualcomm, mediatek, nokia, samsung. The company will focus on cooperation in the field of mobile technology, in order to set up a global mobile Internet network.

zuckerberg in the company said in a statement: “Facebook has been committed to the global communication. Most developing countries, however, is still in its original state without a network.’s mission is to cooperate with other company, to help the other two thirds of the people in the world use the Internet as soon as possible.”

the New York times, points out that zuckerberg launched the above activities, besides can help more people use the Internet, for their own and Facebook have brought huge benefits.

first, as a industry leader status. Facebook as initiator, advocating joint network charity with other communications companies, won the favor of people on one hand, on the one hand, also to some extent, convey the industry pioneer sense of identity.

second, develop new markets. Listed companies need to constantly meet the needs of Wall Street expectations, otherwise will suffer a devastating blow. Under the condition of the market in Europe and the United States has be saturated, Facebook could make the name of charity, then the advantage on the – more smoothly into the emerging market. Those who has yet to contact the Internet, it is also the facebook users, let more people to the Internet, in facebook’s long-term interests. As Mr Zuckerberg said in a recent interview that: “the Internet’s ultimate goal is to promote the progress of human, at the same time, we also want to within acceptable for a user, to establish a reasonable profit model.”

actually, actions that Facebook is not so much a real action, rather than in response to rivals such as Google, Twitter, a public relations show to rob.

Google for some developing countries to launch the free flow of the use of Google services activities, as well as the recent high-profile balloon project (), all let Google became the representative of freedom and share the spirit of the Internet. It is interesting to note that Google balloon network slogan is also a service for those who cannot surf the Internet two thirds of the earth’s population, Google also this ambitious satellite project, designed to bring people more convenient Internet service.

another social giant Twitter, also with a total of more than 100 countries, 250 mobile phone manufacturers, signed an agreement of using Twitter service free of charge.

however, breaking them, in order to achieve global unimpeded connected to the Internet, it is difficult. To truly achieve the great plans, Facebook and the telecom companies to focus on doing the following two points may be slightly (and the project are lacking any executable program, and enough funds and cooperative mode) :

1. Around with operators to cooperate, reduce the cost of network data transmission, and provide high quality network service.

2. The incentive and the joint of the mobile Internet industry chain of the other parties, to forge a global Internet alliance ecosystem.

a lot of people in the Internet after the success, active in social undertakings. Although they can like some people, fully involved in the concrete of philanthropy, science and technology change society, the benefit of human behavior are available, and is more valuable. Zuckerberg once said: “the basis of humanitarian behavior is very necessary, can let the whole world to form a real-time, convenient network as a whole, in the long run, may be able to benefit more people.”

however, how to achieve this goal? Building a website called the Internet only not too big effect. But at least be a start.