Internet giants have content promote genuine agitation behind enclosure

ideas locked up, staff caught…

video server room where everyone was checked, closed DuoFeng head…

great home close…

CHD alliance PT standing close…

China high-definition gateway station…

world copyright day tornado general station swept the domestic video sharing. Piracy or pirated resources related sites have closed the shelter head. However, “the original cyclone” is really just a wave, sooner or later will fade?

behind distractions, a bit neglected by many people: video content on the Internet is accelerating the original.

authentic “enclosure” age

once upon a time, youku, potatoes, and some other allows users to upload content ( UGC ) the content of the video website with a large number of infringement of copyright, the official faint cries for combating piracy also.

however, video on the website of infringing content have identity is rare, even some resources cannot survive for a long time, why?

because: video industry has entered the “burning money buy content” era of “enclosure”.

in the case of sohu, sohu video bought a lot of TV drama of the copyright, allows users to watch online for free, to consolidate the sohu video status. Similarly, each video website or active or have to buy content, into the content of “enclosure” arena. I pay big money to buy, what do you have website? Each have to strengthen the monitoring of competitors, found violations against, to report immediately. As a result, over the past few years, large-scale video site, pirated content to a large number of copyright content by their respective division.

after clearing rivals, download station, station resources, download tools can free to enter the copyright for the channel and field of vision.

the same process in digital music field. Netease cloud music together 5 big record labels to enter the market aggressively, means that areas of the field of music and video are into the era of “enclosure”.

real change is not equal to charge the

the genuine change trend, mainly channels (video, music site) the licensed content. Channels according to their own strategic choice to the user fee or free. Sohu video on the one hand free to users, on the other hand promote paying members activities. Launch a service pay movies of the youku and singular love is free.

music field, most of the music services are free, all of the original library netease cloud music as “late” play the market, the current must be free of charge. Tencent music currently relies on a free + membership service (green diamond member) revenues. Watercress radio launch + membership service free of charge. Several other categories.

users choose the original easier

past content on the Internet piracy flood reason has two: 1 , piracy costs low 2 to buy genuine inconvenient. Relative to the expensive legal, more and more people choose the low cost or free pirated content. The original lack of distribution channel on the Internet at the same time, the movies buy CD? Listen to music to buy CD ? Don’t tease.

as the content of “enclosure” channels, consumer copyrighted content easier. Free consumption copyrighted content, this part of the cost to take the channel, you listen to netease cloud music, in sohu TV drama, is copyrighted content in consumption. Even pay is easier, the Internet more convenient means of payment.

the more giant targeted Internet video this piece, the survival of resource site will be more difficult. “Legitimate” is not a trend, but an irreversible trend.

however, as long as the users to download and collection, the demand for the resources to the local hard disk, against the risk of resource sharing site will exist. The next step free sharing and copyright protection were increasingly fierce.