Internet advertising killer Adblock for the raise, ready to launch promotion Adblock network AD…

Chrome AD intercept extension AdBlock company, has launched a collective financing for an advertising, to raise at least .

AdBlock has launched Kickstarter/Indiegogo of , as a promotional activities to provide financial support, and this activity will use the advance of it has been blocked: media we are very familiar with online advertising.

“we will get rid of advertising, advertising activity” page explains. “We will use the money to do promotion AdBlock banner ads and video ads, and in the Internet world show has not use Adblock people.”

the donation page covertly launched at the end of the week is already super and AdBlock said will send a notification to the user in the future a week to win more attention.

these push is expected to make activities page for 1500 ten thousand visits, activities page contains various aid package, price $1 above. Like Kickstarter and Indiegogo , in the end if there is not to raise minimum fundraising goal, the user contributions will be returned.

AdBlock and make the activity more conspicuous ambitions, it said, if you can bring donation, will rent the billboard in times square; If we can reach , will want to rent a sheet of the New york Times, however, in this crazy in the end, if the win highly unlikely m to raise, it will be super cup competition 2014 on television.

AdBlock that if intercept out those annoying ads, will make the Internet a place “for everyone”. Although it attractive for very many people, however, many Internet sites rely on advertising revenue, and employees paid to create content, cut advertising for many content creators is very harmful.

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service of a theory is that online media should develop better don’t depend on advertising business model. But this is only an armchair strategist, how many Internet users are willing to pay for anything remains to be seen not to mention the news and content they have become accustomed to get free. But there are still other profit model stand out.

remember these arguments, pay close attention to AdBlock activity progress, it will be interesting.

(I am very clear, ironically, next , a site containing advertising, because will constantly AdBlock as a theme and actively promote its activities. But we think the quality of our content is high enough, and our advertising type more can let a person bear, our readers will not be forced “ AdBlock “we.

Ps: please note that AdBlock and Adblock Plus are the two brands. With the AdBlock , Adblock Plus is a separate company.