Internal mail to reveal: the big fruit shell phone has all pending exposure series name

after the industry it is reported that due to a known as the “new products named vote” leaked internal mail, big fruit shell of the upcoming new phones configuration fully exposed. Earlier before the news that the big nut shell is at a new conference in Beijing on June 17, will be officially announced its new products, including smartphones and smart watches products.

according to leaked E-mail content, big fruit shell of the upcoming two phones into flagship camera phones and mobile phones. Among them some amazing front-facing camera phone configuration 8 million pixels rear 13000000 megapixel camera, 5 inch high-definition screens of OGS process, has become one of the highest of camera phones hardware specifications. More intriguing is that the phone’s camera is configured with “5 p blu-ray lens, sapphire crystal glass shield, special blue coating, front-facing camera support AF focus, F2.2 large aperture”, represents a cell phone camera is aligning with micro single level.

another labeled flagship phone on a single configuration, qualcomm, take charge of the “600 quad core 1.7 GHz processor emblazoned Xiao dragon, 6 inch sharp full 1080 p hd screen is amazing, such a monster combination is currently the world’s highest 6 inch model configuration. Rear camera parts for 13 million pre – 2 million pixels, the huge amounts of memory is 2 + 32 g. The highlight of this phone is the high cost of 6 inch Xia Puju full hd screen, when the millet, meizu and OPPO screen size in the range of 4.5 inches to 5 inches, big fruit shell with huawei, lenovo only 6 inch screen market, will again upgrade smartphone hardware standards.

it is important to note that can be seen in the leaked emails, different strategy to focus on a single series and other brands, big fruit shell will expand its mobile phone product line, in order to camera phone push the mainstream market, with flagship series of mobile phone market in the first camp, the new brand strategy gradually emerges.