Internal address: Chen had confessed to murdoch not to sell the stock

this is a grand chairman Chen at the end of march this year, the appointment of network literature writers. Chen told the writer to placate three stories, and acknowledged that didn’t sell stocks to choose splendor, but chose a hard road, no regrets.

here is Chen remarks:

first of all, I gave the host opinions, no leadership in writer spring salon, only the author and the reader. , of course, the first thing I must have been a reader, just before the meeting I was able to speak several familiar with a great god written as a product. Second I was trying to be a storyteller, and although also attended several times before the salon, but always feel like a guest, and stand here today feel particularly kind, so I would like to learn you some story.

my story with you than many, of course, is what I met several people after spring.

a few days and before an official leadership to discuss work, he suddenly asked 1: who will see your novel? I don’t have time to look at, I’m a little bit empty first depends on the latest Oscar movies, then read economics works, if still have time to see the Nobel Prize for literature works, who would have time to read your novel?

I had answered him, have you ever seen Hollywood history best and most popular with the users of the movie? The Matrix (The Matrix) and avatars (Avatar), The Lord of The Rings (The Lord of The Rings)… No one is what you said of dramas, elite, they seem to have never won the Nobel Prize of the original. Shanda literature as they provide only likes to read novels make readers, it’s as simple as that. (than) most Hollywood films is the story of the prototype, our starting point, our grand literature writers want to get a little poor as they are, write better play. Finally I use hide sorry said to him, your root is not our target audience, as found at college and students at the time had seen jin yong.

the second I talk about things happened on this morning, I and my parents said today invited more than 100 writers to Shanghai, I want to meet with them. My parents’ original state is always open the TV, on the couch watching TV series, since I teach them use ebooks, they all day to take books sitting on the sofa reading a novel.

today I heard that the writer will, they’ll ask: zhang SAN to come? I checked the, zhang SAN is not in our list; Li Silai? I said is not in our list. They are unhappy: write so good work, why don’t you invite to Shanghai? At that time, I suddenly feel, even my parents so that more than 70 – year – old man watched the qidian, for shanda literature novels so ecstasy, we give the so-called elite to exclude outside the target user, seems a little cruel. An ordinary retired engineer, retired teacher, they can also become our obsession with readers, who could imagine before?

third thing happened on yesterday afternoon, I saw the murdochs and their team in Shanghai, we talked for an hour and a half to one hour we are talking about literature. I talked about, we’re looking for writers The novel made into a film script, to invest in a movie; I talked about, (online) novels also has entered the offline publishing, comic book publishing; I was talking about, based on the novel TV series accounts for what percentage of the popular TV series; I was talking about, our novel how much percentage on the web game. I hear they have been saying one word – MILK. I think that China’s milk powder problem are concerned about Mr Murdoch. Then go back to check a, MILK verb, praised our pattern like MILK. From our works can extend and squeeze out so many nutritious milk, I finally learned a new word.

the three stories, when I come to the meeting in the morning feel the need to tell everyone about it. I think the first one is still true situation, but it should have been represents the understanding of the past. Here everyone know, fantasy works, through the work to be the mainstream and so-called elite, is how not easy thing. I remember nine years ago we bought qidian, at that time it still has a name like joint will call fantasy literature, all the works is a fantasy, six, seven or eight gun. But development up to now, especially after shanda literature formally established, we have done a series of mainstream.

there are a few things, I am very impressive: we do writers training, let the traditional writers know us; We take Internet writers to writers association; We push the writer to the television, to the author list; We publish the network reading list; We have done a lot of social propaganda work. In almost all the leaders and the media to examine the situation, we are told his novels is the direction of future development literature, literature is the basis for the development of the cultural industry in the future.

I remember, there is a leadership very regrets, he said we are always hear the “Korean wave”, but which day can have Chinese culture works across the world? Today I think China is “flow” seems to be the most let you don’t understand the from the network novel. Now network novels in the eyes of everyone has begun to gradually into the mainstream, this is how hard-won!

we want to an idea, to build a literature web site is easy, but can produce excellent works on the website is too difficult; Output to circulate the work easy, but to build a platform mainstream recognition, respect and brand is so hard. Network literature development so far, can say no one dare to say that I am the founder of the industry, and because it is itself a authors, readers, the media, government, tirelessly, of course, also including our team Continuously working together to promote industrialization, mainstream arduous process.

the second case discussion to my parents. My parents, although older, but I don’t think their situation on the representative literature and the future of reading. Have people call our work original literature to distinguish it from traditional literature, I want to ask you, the earliest works of which one is not original? We also like the reader into network readers and the readers, in fact as long as it is read, the future who also can leave the network?

so we shanda literature platform, it is not only the starting point of Chinese and red sleeve add fragrance for women, xiaoxiang academy, novel reading nets, and banyan tree for white-collar, etc. And our goal is not only as the young man read fantasy literature websites, our goal is to put it into a story made all the ideas, the resulting platform for all users to become our readers.

through nine years of efforts, the platform has made my parents so that even people who do not contact network, become very anxious to follow me to the salon “make track for a star” of the reader, the charm of this platform is how incredible! I have now and people often mention several groups of data: 2 million writers, 7 million original novel, 150 million users, more than 7 into market share, new 100 million words a day’s work, even if 500000 words a was measured according to the traditional novel, equivalent to the new creation 200 traditional novel every day.

we are the China mobile reading on the base of the largest content providers. Starting point and other grand literature’s web site as a whole China mobile access, and China mobile also respect we each make the home work, they provide shanda literature works offer a better service, that is the beauty of big platform to form resultant force. We still have a few data, we are now owned by two offline publication booksellers have been among the Top3 private publishing company in China. Of course, we also see our works written by the author is being overtaken by broadcast television, the cinema.

all this proved that the platform has constantly reproduce, extension of circulation, the normal development of direction, under the baptism of the platform, I hope I can become our original works any work, no one can be our readers. We won the approval of all mainstream, because we do have the power of worthy of recognition.

the third case, Mr Murdoch as the helm of the world’s largest media publishing group, he from a work for us to produce so much value, representing the international counterparts’ respect for our original business model, represents our huge development potential of the industry’s future is unmatched. Shanda, since was established the first day is positioning itself as a cultural entertainment company, is an interactive entertainment media company, we never positioning itself for an IT enterprise. In familiar Internet companies, clear from the start position himself for only about a grand cultural entertainment enterprise.

staff said, and I can’t because with the electricity in power plants, we call it the power plant; Can’t because we are reading, watching video, play games, listen to music in the Internet, IT’s called IT companies. We are cultural enterprises, shanda literature dream is big part of the whole cultural dream: we all know that shanda is first to enter the game, we in 2009 after the game to spin off listing, devote to build shanda literature; The beginning of the year we are continue to increase investment in literature, game, also on the video and film and television to increase investment; We will increase in after several years of development of animation and music. We expect in grand the whole territory, games, literature, animation, video, film and television, music, will become a present in all of the readers, the user at the same time, in front of the audience, the audience great content aggregation platform, and each one writer, screenwriter, developers, painting, making the, singer, a steady stream of creative inspiration they can make it more as a mutual promotion at the same time, the normal development of original platform.

this dream big at the end of 1999 has been set up, after 13 years, we insist on to now, step did not dare to relax. I remember when the last farewell with Mr Murdoch, I say: Mr Murdoch, the media at the age of 31 said when I was China’s richest man, there are countless people urged me to sell the shares of listed companies as soon as possible, can I get a few to enjoy not only the wealth of life, but when I chose to continue walking on the road culture, entertainment industry, I know the road is very difficult, it is not like QQ users, baidu’s web pages, taobao goods that can scale continuous seamless expansion. Cut from the game to the literature, the shadow, cut to the music, each equivalent to entrepreneurship, to suffer, but I told myself: this is my dream from selected at the start of business, I have already can’t change!

today, 13 years of entrepreneurial experience, more let me understand one thing: does everyone have the right to have their own dreams, but only the people of the dream and the public together, each other achievements, is a dream can be realized. Shanda literature has so many writers, so many readers, so many upstream and downstream of the practitioners, they are just like a big do the Chinese dream, doing the flow “China dream”, this is the foundation of the dream come true, and our dream itself in the achievement to the entire Chinese culture dream, achievement the general secretary of the Chinese dream.

so, ladies and gentlemen, China’s dream is not far away. Doing, culture dream, China dream is we here, everyone from the beginning.