Interface with 3 d effect Amazon smartphone in the future

it is well known that alibaba launched in recent period of time more than mobile phone ali cloud system, it is also a domestic electricity industry in a classic case in the field of mobile phones. But nearly period of time, the international electricity giant amazon intends to enter the smartphone market rumors of frequent exposure, in the past few months, there are more and more news begins to appear. According to the latest reports, amazon is actually made two smart phone.

Amazon’s mobile phone

is one of two phones, code-named “Smith”, this phone has as many as four front-facing camera, can to track the user’s head movements, and use the information in the interface of the 3 d effect. Obviously, this kind of mobile phone also have facial recognition function, only the user can see the 3 d effect.

in addition, it is said that the phone will also be able to identify the real world of objects, and use it and amazon store of goods matching for consumers to buy.

the second phone compared to recent rumors – amazon will use free sales strategy. Is this phone does not have 3 d interface function, also won’t be in this year. Reported that the development of this kind of mobile phone on personnel problems, amazon also trying to transfer his engineers to ensure the project smoothly.

source: phone China