“Interesting” seven months, I bought three iphone 5

7 months, grand central station in New York’s apple store I bought my third iphone 5.

my first iphone 5 in September last year, which is released a few weeks after the purchase of this product, the home page of the keys on the phone defective, it just won’t work, the problem continues in January of this year. Due to still in the warranty period, apple store excitedly as I changed a new cell phone.

that new phone working in just three months later, the power switch will strike. That is to say, I can’t close my iPhone screen, until the screen saver automatically shut off the phone’s screen. Once again, I went to the apple store for a replacement.

but this time, I have a lot of questions. Help me to solve the problem, of course, the apple store employees not their company’s spokesman, but he really is a man of vision. He said recently there have been a lot of people because the iPhone home page button, and problems with the power switch to the store for mobile phones, and this problem has already feedback to the top of the “food chain” of the ring – apple’s headquarters. (my colleague Kevin Smith’s iphone 5 have similar power switch.)

just for a listed eight months of the product, that is not a good one million head. But I think, these problems has been going on for two years rather than only a few months.

this experience reminded me of a recent report, the company with foxconn technology companies in China – a company specializing in producing mobile phone accessories for iphone 5 – there is some friction. According to Tom ‘s Hardware, said only 80% of the iphone 5 from foxconn has reached the requirement of the company standards. Signed with foxconn in apple production in the contract the percent of pass is 90%. Apple is said to be doing everything they can to try to return these unqualified products for foxconn, unfortunately, in this little bad blood between, but have some mistake.

it is clear that I am one of those unlucky users, but also attached to let lightning strike twice.

however, if the reports are true, then my story is really confirms an unmatched by other mobile phone owners, belongs only to the advantage of apple mobile phone users: customer service.

just take ten minutes of the subway to local apple store, then you’ll get a new iPhone instead of incomplete, very convenient, make me feel crazy. With up to, I can find my all contract soon, app, customer order, E-mail etc. I have to do is to use my new phone on my apple account, after all of those things as magic, it’s like before using the phone. (up to the most likely is a bad service, but he also restore functionality is indeed help tools.)

if you want to Buy, in contrast, the android, Windows, or blackberry, so in general, you have to go through an operator or third parties retailers such as Best Buy or Radio Shack, to Buy it. And once by operator or retailer, you will not be able to obtain like apple mobile phone customer service. Each operator or retailer has his own smartphones warranty or service description. Likewise, recover these cell phones are not like apples up system of mobile phone use, do it flawlessly,

still, samsung seems to be a compared to compete with apple. In a country’s local some of the Best Buy start their own small retail stores. The shop is called samsung experience shop. Employment in these shops are specially trained samsung employees, they can teach you how to use the Galaxy phone or tablet.

however, the samsung still can’t like apple stores, shop for damage to the hardware for you. If your Galaxy hardware damage, you can only and the carrier or the third party retailers negotiate to solve the problem. So, those not apple mobile phone maker is not nearly as the service is provided by the apple.

these are all we need to consider when planning to buy a new mobile phone. I like some I recently tested the android mobile phone, especially to use gratified the new HTC ONE. But we after all is a person, we will, in some cases, addled his cell phone. Damage to the cell phone to exchange service for the customer, apple still has incomparable advantages in the competition.