Interesting: samsung how to occupy the United States?

samsung tomorrow will be released in the United States new flagship edition smartphone Galaxy S4, hunting cloud network bring readers a very mean and interesting.

a menacing confessed to the south Korean company wants to occupy the desire of the United States.

no, we’re not talking about Kim jong UN, bomb or north Korea in the United States army. The south Korean companies are definitely more friendly. Some people might even call them cheerful forthright. A south Korean parts makers – samsung, radio city music hall in New York on Thursday released its new flagship edition smartphone Galaxy S4 . This is absolutely the greatest threat to the base camp for apple.

on apple’s base attack

the Korea times learned from samsung internal that samsung want to iPhone to eradicate from the us market. Samsung chose New York as conference site apparently because New York is called “” big apple “, but also because of the heart of New York City is the symbol of the United States and the United States. So chose to cities such as samsung for conference.

a number of internal told the Korea times, “released by apple’s stronghold S4 , samsung wants to show them in the United States also can very well to smartphone business.” Samsung is the world’s largest smartphone makers, it by producing different price with different style of smartphone competition with apple. In addition to the United States and other places.

ah, the United States. Baseball, apple pie, Chloe rainer barbecue and… The iPhone. apple to fruit are sold through three carriers subsidised smartphones to control the market, AT& T, Sprint, and Verizon. 2012 in the last quarter, Verizon compared with android phones for the first time, sold more iPhone. about 50% Sprint smartphone sales are made from iPhone to complete. AT& T ( published iPhone and has for many years has iPhone ) in any quarter can sell iPhone .

look at the following from the phone, an analyst at Ben Evans get

By market research firm comScore

recently published report, according to apple’s 38% the U.S. smartphone market share. The samsung lags far behind apple, possession of 21% market share, followed by HTC , MOTOROLA, .

so, you can understand samsung’s desire.

hardware, software and marketing, oh, my gosh!

samsung think they will be able to use the hardware and software function of the outstanding American markets. According to the Korea times, the Galaxy S4 will carry Exynos eight core processor, 5 inches display screen and 2 gb RAM . Samsung try customization features, applications and software which may include eye scrolling technology. Eyes scrolling technology is a different and touch screen technology will allow you to use eyes to adjust the smartphone technology.

samsung insider said: “these factors can cause widespread attention, if we can in apple home to beat it, then we will be recognized by the client as the true global leader in the field of smart phones.”

we really expect samsung to wireless music city on Thursday show us interesting features. But whatever the Galaxy S4 what can bring pleasantly surprised, that are used to detonate a samsung puzzle of marketing in the us market.

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the author: Dan Rowinski